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Let's Safe Play in an Amusement Park

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Amusement park is always children’s favorite, like their paradise. Parents are also happy in there because of the smile faces of their kids. In the meantime, some huge playground park is also a good choice for adults to release pressure. As an adult, we are facing pressure from different field due to the heavy city life. For that reason, the large amusement park equipment has a trend to be adventurous.

The play park is a place for us to have fun, but if it’s not safe, how can we enjoy it? Accident is happened in an entertainment park occasionally, it’s a danger for visitors’ life and property. Therefore, it’s very important to strengthen the safety analyze for playground equipment and prevent accidents from happening.


According to a survey, there’s safety hazard and even disqualified equipment in many play center. Also, the lack of security safeguard and supervision makes the accident happens easily. In our opinion, the safety for a playground center not only requires high quality equipment, but also the operator’s supervision and management.

Here’re some suggestions:

(1) All play equipment must be soft enough and the edges or angles of each parts should not be too sharp, in case of hurting players.

(2) There must be safety space at the bottom of every slide for player sliding down to stop.

(3) We need keep a waiting platform or space for players, so they can wait there when the machine is still working, so that they will not get injured.

(4) Operator should inspect all structures and game components weekly or twice a month.

(5) Operator should clean the whole play area daily.

(6) There should be play notice for some special game machine, such as electric machines.

As a leading manufacturer of amusement park equipment, MICH provides not only high quality playground equipment, but also most safe amusement area plan. Warmly welcome to consult us!


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