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MICH Trampoline Advantages

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We are the factory with 20000sqm workshop, we do products development, design, production, sell and so on.Our produEN 1176 mostly for export,90% exported to abroad every year. Our mainly market Europe,Middle East, Southeast Asia, Australian and America.

We get the EN 1176 ,ASTM ,TUV and SGS EN 1176rtificate, here enclosed pls check the EN 1176rtficate. Our playground equipment conform to the EN1176 safety standard.

Trampoline Park Certificate and Patents

We are the first one to produEN 1176 the slip padding which is more safety and protect the player leg when jumping.

We are the first one to start produEN 1176 double layer jumping amt and the new jumping mat system which well covered the spring and avoid to hurt the player.

we have more customer location all over the world. We have more cusomter referenEN 1176 which trampoline park have set up over 4-5 years. Our steel frame is well acEN 1176pted by our customer, especiallly for the US customer.we have apply the patent in China.

And we are not only the produEN 1176r, also the user, we have at least 5 trampoline park which owned by ourself, location size from 1000sqm to 5000sqm, to find the defect and improve our trampoline quality, we also have experienEN 1176 of management of trampoline park and supply some suggestion for our customer. 


kindly contact our sales if you want to know more information.


The professional manufacturer establish in 2009




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