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Maintenance measures for outdoor fitness equipment?

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In recent years, with the rapid development of the nation's national fitness industry, many styles of outdoor fitness equipment have been installed in communities and parks, which not only meet the needs of citizens for exercise, but also enrich everyone's leisure life and are generally welcomed.


Here is the content list:

  • The phenomenon of outdoor fitness equipment being damaged.

  • About the maintenance and sustainability of outdoor fitness equipment.

  • Measures for property management and citizens' conscious maintenance of outdoor fitness equipment.


The phenomenon of outdoor fitness equipment being damaged.

Nowadays, many people don’t take care when using outdoor fitness equipment, causing many kinds of community fitness equipment such as walkers, double wave boards, seat pedals, etc., which are rusty, missing parts, and tilted, which not only affects the city appearance, but also exists safety Hidden dangers.


Many residents hope that relevant departments can pay attention to this problem and create a good outdoor fitness equipment for residents. In fact, users of outdoor fitness equipment need to do more for the problem of serious damage to outdoor fitness equipment. If everyone loves outdoor fitness equipment, without artificially destroying the equipment, outdoor fitness equipment can be used for a long time.


In addition, the use period of outdoor fitness equipment is also a problem. Excessive use of outdoor fitness equipment can also cause various problems. According to the latest national standards, the safe service life of all outdoor fitness equipment is 8 years. At present, whether in rural or urban areas, citizens use outdoor fitness equipment very frequently. In many places, community fitness equipment has been damaged to varying degrees. Therefore, community outdoor fitness equipment has reached its service life and needs to be updated immediately.



About the maintenance and sustainability of outdoor fitness equipment

Generally, outdoor fitness equipment requires very little maintenance. Regular inspections are important to ensure the normal operation of outdoor fitness equipment. Please be sure to consult the equipment supplier about the inspection time, because some outdoor fitness equipment (such as elliptical trainers, fixed bicycles or adjustable equipment) require more frequent inspections than fixed equipment without moving parts. Ensure that the equipment surface (such as seats, pedals, pedals, etc.) is in good condition, there are no loose parts, and the surface is not damaged.


Since any outdoor fitness equipment where the user's feet are off the ground requires the use of an anti-fall surface, the surface should be checked regularly and its installation specifications should be maintained. Regularly check the overall surface, such as the surface of cast rubber or ceramic tiles for damage, which may damage the fall attenuation or cause a trip hazard.


If your outdoor fitness equipment is equipped with timing or electronic equipment, make sure to check whether the connection is normal and whether water seeps into the system. Please contact your manufacturer for other inspection requirements. If your outdoor fitness equipment uses solar panels, you need to check pollen, dust or other accumulations on the surface regularly. Outdoor fitness equipment must remove debris in order to effectively convert sunlight into electricity.


Therefore, if your panel is covered with dust and debris, the efficiency will be reduced. If you live in a snowy area, you should clean the solar panels after snowfall. Make sure to dry them thoroughly to avoid streaks. If you live in a desert or dusty environment, you should clean more frequently, because dust accumulates faster than in a humid environment.


Sample checklists can help you get started. Although it shows some basic elements to be inspected regularly, it is strongly recommended that you work with equipment manufacturers to understand the main points and frequency of maintenance inspections for products in a unique adult outdoor fitness park. Following a regular maintenance Outdoor fitness equipment plan can help ensure that the community can enjoy your outdoor adult fitness park for many years to come.


You can also consider expanding Outdoor fitness equipment after the public has the opportunity to use it. Expansion is a great way to ensure the sustainability of the space, because additional equipment can attract new users and at the same time inspire your existing user base to expand their exercise routines. Getting community feedback before any planned expansion is a good way to determine which additions make the most sense.



Measures for property management and citizens' conscious maintenance of outdoor fitness equipment.

Property management: It is difficult to maintain Outdoor fitness equipment at one time. In view of the serious damage to Outdoor fitness equipment, these fitness equipment is basically a one-time investment by the real estate developer, and the property management has no funds to maintain it, and it is not feasible to require the owner to pay. Usually it can only be minor repairs, and if the Outdoor fitness equipment is seriously damaged, it is difficult to buy parts. Therefore, the most important thing is to rely on residents to consciously maintain outdoor fitness equipment and supervise each other to prevent malicious damage.


Citizen: Establish a reporting and supervision mechanism. Facing the phenomenon that Outdoor fitness equipment in front of their homes is prone to "injury", many citizens are dissatisfied with the phenomenon of damage to Outdoor fitness equipment. However, due to the lack of a reporting and supervision mechanism, a good supervision atmosphere and reporting mechanism have not been formed among the citizens. Most of this phenomenon adopts the approach of "one thing is worse than one thing less".


If we can imitate the management system of schools, stadiums and other places, establish an effective citizen supervision mechanism, bravely fight against damage to outdoor fitness equipment, and give corresponding spirit to citizens who dare to say "no" to bad behavior Or material encouragement will effectively protect Outdoor fitness equipment.


The Outdoor fitness equipment in a community with a property management company belongs to the supporting facilities of the community. The property management company has special personnel to inspect the equipment from time to time to ensure its safety performance. The outdoor fitness equipment Outdoor fitness equipment materials on the streets and alleys belonging to the "public zone" are managed by the street or community within the jurisdiction of which street the equipment is located.

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