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New features: Hexagon trampoline

Views:23     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-02-05      Origin:Site

New features: Hexagon trampoline


Previously, we are more familiar with round trampoline and square trampoline.

Now,Features in trampolines are quickly updated. Hexagon trampoline shows up.


◆Hexagon trampoline

The “Beehive” design is quite attractive.

Kids will fall in love with the trampoline at first sight,attracting them by its unique image.

hexagon trampoline.jpg


Rotational Hexagon trampoline

Older kids may be more active.They like challenges.

So we can make a rotational trampoline. 

When the obstacles rotate,kids try to get the timing right to jump high and avoid obstacles.

Once someone touches obstacles,game over!

48000. FOB 人民币.jpg

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