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Outdoor pirate playground equipment vs outdoor climbing frame with dome

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The Dome Climber is an exciting, geometric design with real rock climbing hand grips. Not only can several kids have fun at the same time, it also helps your child develop strong muscles and coordination.When playing on themed playground equipment such as a pirate ship play structure, children get to use their imagination, as they discover new things and socialize with their friends.But which is the best one?

The article contains following:

1,what is the Outdoor pirate playground equipment

2,what is the outdoor climbing frame with dome

3,What's their good point


1,what is the Outdoor pirate playground equipment

Pirate ship playground equipment cheap children outdoor play,pirate ship playground equipment cheap children outdoor play: is used for business purposes, to run in a closed area, carrying tourists amusement facilities.With the development of science, the progress of the society, the modern amusement machine and amusement facilities fully use the machinery, electricity, light, sound, water, power and other advanced technology, more interesting and informative, scientific and thrilling, loved by the majority of teenagers, children generally.To enrich people’s entertainment life, people’s health edify people’s sentiment, beautify the urban environment, has played a positive role.


2,what is the outdoor climbing frame with dome

This dome rock climber will help your child develop confidence, balance, strength and flexibility.This dome encourages your child to climb up and surrounding buildings with other children.Give them hours of play time and creativity, while developing their interpersonal and social skills.

3,What's their good point

The benifit of the s dome rock climber

[Stable structure] It adopts a highly stable structure with a maximum load-bearing capacity of 220 pounds (approximately 199.1 kg). When your child climbs on it, it will not shake or fall over.

[High quality material]: The connecting pipe is made of galvanized steel, which will not rust or deform, which makes the whole climbing frame durable and can be used for a long time.

[Great benefits for children's development]: This climbing frame dome game center can not only help your children improve their muscles, balance and coordination, but also exercise their will and improve their communication skills.

[Simple assembly]: With detailed instructions attached, you can easily install the frame yourself. Each component and corresponding installation location will be clearly explained in the user manual.

[Quality Assurance]: We promise 100% product quality assurance, just to provide you with the best products and services. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


Details of Outdoor or indoor used Outdoor pirate ship playground equipment.

1. Eco-friendly products, keep children safe playing pirate ship playground equipment.

2. Competitive price, more children can enjoy it.

3. Security-oriented, miss the requirement of EN 1176 certification. Pass GS certificate.

4. Fashion and warm design, make kids much more fun and will play again and again.

5. Creative kinds of amusement equipment, many different designs.

6. High-quality material, New Plastic LLD P E ( = Linear low-density polyethylene ), Galvanized steel pipes with powder coated both inside and outside. Stainless screws, steel decks with PVC coated or powder coated.

7. Designed requirement, according to the age, budget and location etc.

8. Free design for the plastic slide.

9. UV-resistant,high-strength,durable for outdoor usage.


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