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Perfect for a kids climbing wall or a home climbing wall

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Although climbing walls is a more dangerous sport for children, you can choose to give your child more security. It is more conducive to children's physical and mental health, and it is also a special way for children to understand the living environment. Let the children grow better in joy.


The benefits of climbing wall for a kid

How to choose a climbing wall

How to install the climbing wall


The benefits of climbing wall for a kid


The climbing wall is aerobic, and the purpose of aerobic exercise is to enhance cardio endurance. When the heart and lung function is increased, the body can exercise longer or higher intensity and is less prone to fatigue. This will exercise the body in a playful atmosphere while climbing the wall to the most affordable way to lose weight.

Spirit of tempering

In the process of climbing, we will overcome difficulties, accumulate experience and improve skills. We will become more brave and confident, develop fearless and tenacious spirit, and lay a good foundation for future personal struggle.

Improve the relation

In this process of mutual assistance and mutual assistance, we can strengthen collective relations and be better in future collective activities.

How to choose a climbing wall

Color matching

For children, they are still in a stage of accepting new things, and the reasonable mix of colors is more attractive to them. In the use of color, do not use fancy and disorderly colors for the purpose of attracting children's eyes, so that there will be a dazzling feeling.

Slope selection

Some children are too young, or some children who are new to the climbing wall, they are not yet able to touch the vertical climbing wall. It is best to choose some climbing walls with slopes or sub-regions for children of different abilities select.


A soft object is needed below the wall to prevent accidents during the climbing process. If there are other considerations, then the climbing wall is safe.

How to install the climbing wall

Step 1 - Select area

If you don't want to install a climbing wall in a busy area, you really need an area large enough to support the wall. It is a nice area in the garage or even the attic. Just make sure that you choose to place the wall where you can place some soft things underneath to prevent falling.

Step 2 - Find the stud

Since people will climb on the wall, the nail plate should be fixed to the wall nail. We need to tap along the wall until we hear a less empty sound. A less empty sound indicates the position of the stud. Mark the area and move along the rest of the wall until the area covered by the climbing wall is identified and marked as a stud.

Step 3 - Drill bolts

When you drill and tighten the bolts, you may need a friend or family member to help you hold the nail wall. Continue doing this until all the bolts are in place and tightened.

Step 4 - Mounting screws and nails

Insert screws and nails to help secure and support the nail wall. Place them around the climbing wall to provide the extra support you need. Don't be too small, because climbing walls are the best with the walls of the room.

Step 5 - Install Pegs

Next, the studs are mounted by gluing them onto them and sticking them together. Some hot glue guns may need to hold the studs in place while the glue is setting and drying. Use the hooks we need to install to do this.

Step 6 - Sealing the wall

Seal the wall with a caulking gun to complete. This prevents water or moisture from entering between the nailboard wall and the room wall, and moisture can cause rust and other problems with the metal nailboard. Allow the sealant to dry before testing the climbing nail wall.


At the age of their children, they tend to have strong curiosity and love to be busy and fresh. But at the same time they have no security awareness, and if there are no good protective measures, it is easy to cause security problems. Choosing the right climbing wall or properly installing a family climbing wall is the biggest protection for your child.

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