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Precautions for the first use of outdoor fitness equipment

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As we all know, physical exercise can bring us physical and mental health. Many people begin to exercise. However, how to use outdoor fitness equipment has become a big problem because most people do not have dedicated sports coaches. As a result, many people have entered the wrong field of fitness, which not only fails to improve their health, but also affects people's health. In order to solve this problem, this article puts forward some suggestions on the use of outdoor fitness equipment.


Here is the content list:

  • Basic understanding of outdoor fitness equipment.

  • Outdoor fitness equipment suitable for different groups of people.

  • Further notes on outdoor fitness equipment.


Basic understanding of outdoor fitness equipment.

(1) For people who regularly participate in physical exercises, they need to master the speed of exercise, generally with a proper pulse rate not exceeding 1 1 0 times per minute (maximum not exceeding 120 times per minute). Comrades who do not participate in sports often or do not participate in sports should first choose outdoor fitness equipment that suits them.

(2) Be prepared before exercising outdoor fitness equipment, and prepare for about 10-15 minutes. This prevents twisted ankles, twisted waist and nerve damage.

(3) After exercising outdoor fitness equipment, tidy up. After exercise, our body is in motion, and the capillaries expand. If we sit on the ground motionlessly, then our blood cannot return to the heart. In this case, we can feel that the heart is choked. For those old comrades who suffer from high blood pressure and heart disease, they should even walk around after exercise to cushion for about 10 minutes.

(4) Master the time to exercise outdoor fitness equipment. The best time for each exercise is about 40 minutes, not less than 30 minutes or more than 1 hour.


Outdoor fitness equipment suitable for different groups of people.

The elderly: Take the horizontal bar of outdoor fitness equipment as an example. Some elderly people may think that if they have more traction, they will be healthier. In fact, the main purpose of a barbell is to stimulate muscles, and people in their sixties don’t have to be too fast or too hard. They don't have to do their best. They can buckle the arms of the horizontal bar moderately, step on the ground, and do more than half of the vertical suspension weight, which can also play a good training role.


Young people: Take the elliptical machine of outdoor fitness equipment as an example. Some young people want to change their body shape. They believe that the longer they do it, the better their chances of losing weight. But that is wrong. The main function of outdoor fitness equipment is to improve the exercise capacity of the upper and lower limbs and the flexibility of the joints. If used for a long time without good cushioning, it may cause joint discomfort.


Children: Take the seesaw of outdoor fitness equipment as an example. Children are naturally very interesting, and there is no sense of danger when using outdoor fitness equipment in the community. Therefore, whether it is suitable for children to develop outdoor fitness equipment should be judged by adults and used under the supervision of adults.


Further notes on outdoor fitness equipment.

(1) Treadmill: Hold the barbell with both hands to prevent falling; the swing of the legs should not be too large to avoid muscle strain.

(2) Horizontal bar combination: hold the horizontal bar with both hands to prevent injury.

(3) Rotating waist fitness equipment: When you twist the waist, you should control your waist circumference and not too much. Do not leave the handle, keep the waist twist angle below 45 degrees, and the twist speed should be slow and even.

(4) Waist and back massager: Use outdoor fitness equipment moderately, moving slowly to fast.

(5) Seesaw: Hold the handrail of outdoor fitness equipment with both hands, and the oscillation frequency should not be too fast or too high, otherwise it will easily lead to vertebral compression fractures or coccyx in patients with osteoporosis.

(6) Spacewalk: Don't swing too much. Especially for the elderly, their muscle flexibility is poor. If the leg swings too much or too fast, they can easily pull the muscles around the spine. Therefore, the amplitude of the leg swing should be about 45°, and the frequency should be controlled at about 3 seconds each time.


Also note that elderly people with hip softening cannot use outdoor fitness equipment. The main symptom of hip osteomalacia is usually knee pain. For such elderly people, the original weight-bearing function of the hip joint is not good. If you use outdoor fitness equipment to exercise, the knee extension muscles may be damaged, which will aggravate the condition. Only by using outdoor fitness equipment reasonably can we get twice the effect with half the effort, and our body will become stronger and healthier!

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