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Project of Ninja warrior

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The development of Ninja Warriors has been very different from the original one, and various projects have also been improved and increased. This article will give you a detailed description of the Ninja Warriors, which is mainly divided into three stages: city qualifiers, city finals and national finals.




  • City Qualifiers

  • City Finals

  • National Finals




1. City Qualifiers

In each city's Ninja Warriors qualifiers, contestants face an obstacle course consisting of 6 levels. The level of each city will be different. The timer starts at the same time after the participants start. The first 5 levels are built above the water. If a contestant falls into or out of the game, the Ninja Warrior game ends immediately, and the timer records the time they reach this level.

After passing the first 5 levels, the 6th and last level is a 14.6-foot-tall inclined wall. On this sloping wall, contestants have 3 attempts to reach the summit. In Season 10, an 18-foot-tall "giant wall" was introduced into the show, and contestants had only one chance to try to climb the giant wall. If they climbed the giant wall, they would win $ 10,000. However, if unsuccessful, contestants will only get one more chance to try to reach the top of the sloping wall next to the giant wall. Participants can choose to give up trying to climb the giant wall, so there are still 3 opportunities to try to climb the inclined wall. In the 11th season of the Ninja Warriors, contestants have 3 opportunities to try whether they choose a slanted wall or a giant wall, but once they choose a giant wall, they cannot be changed. Each additional opportunity will be halved by $ 10,000 until three opportunities are exhausted. There is a buzzer on the top of the two walls. After the contestant presses it, the timer stops and the contestant's time is recorded.


2.City Finals

The difficulty level of the Ninja Warriors' city finals has been upgraded. There are 10 levels in total. After the original 6 levels in the city qualifier, 4 new levels have been added. In addition, 2 of the top 5 levels in the city qualifiers will be replaced by new ones. The top 12 and the top 2 female contestants in the city finals can advance to the national finals. If the female contestants are among the top 12 contestants, they will still occupy one of the 12 places at the same time as the city qualifier. If the man who was directly sent to the National Finals through the Power Tower in the city qualifiers is also in the top 12, then the 13th will be added. For male contestants of the Ninja Warriors, to qualify for the National Finals, they usually have to at least reach the eighth level of the city finals.


3.National Finals

All Ninja Warrior contestants gathered in Las Vegas for the National Finals. The national finals are divided into four stages, and the level of difficulty in each stage will continue to increase. Unlike the city qualifiers and finals, contestants must complete all stages of each stage before they can enter the next stage. Once dropped, the entire season ends here.


It can be seen from the article that the Ninja Warrior's project alone is very high and extremely challenging. If you still have any questions about the format, you can watch the Ninja Warrior video, so that you can solve your doubts, we also provide Trampoline Park, Indoor Playground.just follow us !


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