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Reasons for kids to go to non-standarder outdooor playground?

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In the 21st century, with our harried and nonstop family lifestyles, many temptations can lure your kids away from play. Television, computer games and smartphones all aim to capture a significant portion of kids’ attention. Advertisers and retailers are increasingly reaching out to younger and younger kids in an effort to convince them or their parents to buy new electronic products. In this push for kids to have more and more screen time, we're neglecting one of the most important elements of their development: time to play.So the non-standarder outdoor playground gives kids the chance to have full time to play.There is also a customize outdooor playground to you to choose

The article contains following:

1,The customize outdooor playgrounds design for different types of play

2,The customize outdooor playgrounds can develope Motor Skills

3,The customize outdooor playgrounds can make room for secrets and surprises.


1, The customize outdooor playgrounds design for different types of play

Children use different types of play to understand the world around them and to master life skills. Unfortunately, most playgrounds only focus on active, physical types of play. A good playground challenges and promotes children’s growth by providing opportunities for children to engage in multiple different types of play. As you’re creating your playground design, consider how you can accommodate different types of play and ways for children to use their bodies and minds and interact with the environment and others:

– Active play- Running, jumping, climbing, kicking, and punching. Twirling, swinging, spinning, and rolling around. Moving your body up, down, and around.

– Sensory play – Touching different interesting textures, smelling flowers and plants, hearing music and sounds, tasting edible plants and fruits, seeing different perspectives and angles as well as beautiful shapes and colors.

– Creative play – Drawing, crafting, painting, coloring, writing, singing, drumming, and dancing. Creative expression allows children to communicate and connect.

– Imaginative Play – Dressing up, make-believe, and pretend play. Play houses, pretend ships, dolls, costumes, and props let children act out imaginary scenes and adopt roles. + Manipulative play – Building, molding, manipulating, sifting, pouring, scooping, stacking, combining, and altering.

– Social play – Talking, sharing, cooperating, taking turns, following “rules,” and playing sports.

– Reflective play – Watching, resting, reflecting, thinking, daydreaming, and just staring into space. Of course these aren’t the only ways children play, but these categories help us to broaden our understanding of play.

Of course, these aren’t the only way kids play. In fact, play researchers have identified 16 different “types” of play. Use these play types to guide your design and see how many you can include space for on your playground.

2,The customize outdooor playgrounds can develope Motor Skills

Gross motor skills refer to skills that involve large muscle groups and the whole body. Climbing, walking, and jumping are all gross motor skills developed on the non-standarder outdoor playground. Fine motor skills include smaller, controlled use of smaller muscles, such as gripping a ball or pulling a chain. Games, like kickball and four-square are great for developing motor coordination. They also help with critical thinking and problem-solving as children decide where to throw the ball or when it is time to run.


3,The customize outdooor playgrounds can make room for secrets and surprises. 

Spend an afternoon taking a walk through a city with a young child and you’ll look at the world through different eyes. They’ll be hypnotized tracing where the crack in the sidewalk/ footpath leads, fascinated by the movements of falling leaves floating through the air, and absolutely delighted by the way the rubbish bin lid swings. Children are finely attuned to the small wonders of the world. For them, the magic of a non-standarder outdoor playground sometimes lies more in the little details than it does in the structures and big elements. Throughout your design, add in little surprises that can be discovered whilst playing. Little painted pictures in corners and nooks, secret hiding places, interesting textures, handles and levers, peep holes, unexpected sounds, and talking tubes all make and keep a playground interesting. While busily building, these details can easily be missed or forgotten so prioritize them in your design. We also provide Trampoline Park, Indoor Playground, contact us.


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