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Regarding the after-sales service of Non-standard customize playground.

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MICH Playgrounds is an international manufacturer of non-standard amusement equipment, non-standard customize playground and other accessories. MICH will not only build your new non-standard customize playground, but also provide a full set of services. We will jointly design a dream project that perfectly matches your building and location possibilities.

About MICH's Non-standard customize playground.

MICH provides high-quality back-up services, provides suggestions and solves the difficulties that may be encountered in the free replacement and delivery of any non-standard amusement equipment with manufacturing or material defects. We also have a large stock of spare parts; the timetable for replacement parts is 1-2 weeks. You will also get:


l Extensive, transparent and complete customer information

l Powerful backup support

l Appropriate after-sales service


In addition, MICH has a strong working relationship with each customer. Our customers discover the quality of non-standard amusement equipment through reliable backup services, and trust us, we will jointly design a dream project that fully matches your building and location possibilities.


Regarding MICH's guarantee of the safety and quality of non-standard amusement equipment.

As a manufacturer of non-standard amusement equipment, our products fully comply with European and country-specific safety regulations and strict quality requirements. In this way, we can ensure that children and accompanying adults can safely use non-standard amusement equipment.


We provide interior components and a complete Non-standard customize playground. You can always choose from a variety of equipment that requires minimal maintenance and service costs. We can deliver our products throughout Europe and even farther abroad. MICH's R&D department develops our products according to 4 standards:


l Safety regulations

l Strict quality requirements

l Lowest maintenance and service fees

l Best price-quality ratio


Non-standard amusement equipment is produced in the factory according to the exclusive MICH design. This is always done in close cooperation with the project manager, who will also be responsible for customizing and applying themes. The installation and assembly of non-standard amusement equipment can be done by our own MICH team, approved dealers, or for multiple non-standard amusement equipment series, it can be done by the customer.


Regarding MICH's support services for non-standard amusement equipment.

Customer service is the hallmark of MICH, and we are proud of your answer when you call. We have direct customer service representatives from the factory who can answer questions and provide assistance in replacing non-standard amusement equipment or on-site consultations about installing non-standard amusement equipment.


Locally, MICH is passionate about bringing games to your community and helping you design the ideal gaming environment! They have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the entire Non-standard customize playground process from site evaluation to design to maintenance. They will work with you on everything except installation to ensure that your Non-standard customize playground is yours Everything you dream of!



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