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Should You Leave Your Trampoline Up During the Winter?

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Can you still play trampoline outdoors in winter?

Will the trampoline break in the cold?

Trampoline Winter Care Guide


Should you and your relatives stay indoors from morning to night in winter? Does this mean that you should ignore interesting activities, such as jumping on your trampoline?

Can you still play trampoline outdoors in winter?

It's more interesting to jump trampoline in summer than in summer. In winter, jumping can help you withstand the cold, because your body produces heat. Therefore, you will feel fresh, energetic and very active. Plus the cold weather makes most people dull. There's no better way to keep your day alive than jumping on a trampoline. If the trampoline is frozen, you can take the snow off the mat and start jumping. Or you can be more creative and try skiing on a trampoline.

However, some days it's too cold to jump on a trampoline. People living in areas with a lot of snow can even stay for days without seeing a trampoline. So you should consider some preventive measures.

You need to assess the amount of snow in the area. If not a lot, then you and your family can still visit it. But if there's too much snow to bury the trampoline, you should keep it indoors.

Will the trampoline break in the cold?

Trampoline design and design can withstand all weather conditions including winter. However, it depends to a large extent on quality. But if there is a lot of snow in your area, it will accumulate until it exceeds the maximum weight of the trampoline and breaks the jumping surface or spring. And the snow will accumulate on the trampoline, making it difficult for you to enter.

In winter, you should give your trampoline extra attention and maintenance to ensure that it survives the season.

Once you follow these maintenance techniques, you can be confident that it will survive the cold. You will be able to enjoy various activities, such as skiing on trampoline.

Trampoline Winter Care Guide

If you follow these simple steps, it's actually very easy to protect your trampoline from cold and humid winter weather.

Most trampolines are made of powder coated steel or rust-proof aluminum, so you can leave the frame outdoors with just one cover. It is recommended that you take off the net and jump pads and fold each pad for winter storage. Cushions and safety nets are usually easy to fold into compact and manageable sizes and can be easily placed in protected corners.

Once the net and jumping mat are removed, experts recommend that not to move the trampoline. This helps prevent water from melting ice and snow, thereby damaging or weakening frames or springs, and makes it easier for you when you are ready for winter storage. It is important to pay attention to the snow and brush off the trampoline when the snow begins to accumulate.

The presence of gale is another factor you should consider. Make sure it's fixed to something strong so that it doesn't blow away.

Finally, you should make sure that you cover the surface of the trampoline with a trampoline. It will help ensure that the trampoline can withstand the season and retain its original shape.


You don't have to worry about the snow destroying your trampoline. Maintain it properly to ensure that it can serve you for a long time. You should always check whether the cushion, spring or frame is in good condition. You should clean it regularly and store it properly in the off season. If you are interested in a trampoline, the MICH PLAYGROUND company will be pleased to provide you the best trampoline products of 2019.

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