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The Research of Color Used in the Children Indoor Playground

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Under the background of the social environment where material conditions are basically met. More and more people start to pay attention to spiritual needs, especially for children. Nowadays, parents' energy is not only focused on children's food and clothing, but more on meeting children's spiritual needs at all costs. Indoor children's amusement software is produced under such a background and growing with the continuous development of indoor children's amusement software. How to advance steadily in the fierce market competition, to earn profits, are problems for all indoor children's amusement equipment software industry operators.

So, in the production and operation of indoor children's soft amusement equipment industry, what should be paid attention to besides the safety of equipment?

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Yes, visual comfort and eye-catching. Then how to let the child produce a comfortable feeling, better to attract the child's attention? The child has sensitive perception of colors. They have more sensibility than adult. So their colour experience is more intense also. One kind of color may make children happy, while another may make them feel uncomfortable. Therefore, in matters related to children, the use of color is also very important especially in the operation of indoor children's soft amusement.In order to give children a bright visual sense and bring comfortable and pleasant play experience, and maximize the benefits of an indoor children's soft amusement operation, the application of color in the indoor children's soft amusement equipment industry is particularly important.

1. Color classification

According to the psychology of people and visual judgement, colour has the cent of changes in temperature. It can basically be divided into 3 kinds: warm color fastens, among fastens, cool color fastens. Different color fastens bring a person visual perception to experience differently also.

Warm colors: includes red, orange, yellow and variations of these three colors. They are the colors of flame, fallen leaves, and sunrise and sunset. They often give off a warm, warm feeling and usually symbolize vitality, passion and positiveness. The warm color is red, with more ingredients, which can give people a warm, healthy and comfortable feeling. Collection design with red and yellow as the basic color design space reflects the passion, happiness, enthusiasm and vitality of the main tone. Warm color is mainly used for home decoration, dormitory, guesthouse, hotel, western restaurant, coffee shop and other places of rest and relaxation, leisure and entertainment.

Intermediate colors: gray, purple, white, green, purple, red purple, yellow and green, etc. Intermediate color fastens the light is downy. It gives a person a kind of happy, comfortable, unruffled feeling. Middle colors are mainly used in shopping malls, specialty stores, fast food restaurants, schools, libraries and other places.

Cool colors: blue, green, violet, black, etc. Cool color department is close to natural light, giving a person with cool and refreshing feeling. It makes a person be able to concentrate mentally. Cool colors are used in offices, hospitals, studios and other places that require concentrated work.

2. The use of color in safety

Amusement facilities should be in necessary place to set up eye-catching safety sign, especially for children's indoor amusement equipment. Before use, indoor soft play equipment operators must illustrate the use of equipment considerations. Then parents communicate these safety precautions to children in order to avoid safety accidents occurred in the process of experience. In addition to safety tips words, there should also be necessary warning signs on the children's soft amusement equipment. In case the staff is not present or there is no time to carry out safety instructions. Parents can also trust their children to experience. And the use of color in safety signs is very particular. Safe color is the color that expresses safety information, such as forbidden, warning, instruction, clew. Apply safety color makes people able to treat a response as soon as the object of safety and health and the environment, to reduce the happening of the accident. Safety color has a wide range such as used in the safety signs, traffic signs, protective railings and machines that are not allowed to touch. The application of security color must be based on security purpose and color range.

Safety signs we talk about are mainly divided into four types: prohibition sign (red), warning sign (yellow), instruction sign (blue), and prompt sign (green).Red means prohibited, stopped, firefighting and dangerous. Dangerous devices, equipment, or environments are marked in red. Yellow means attention, warning. Devices, equipment, or the environment such as warning signs, traffic warning signs, road traffic road signs, pulley and the inner wall of the protective cover, the inner wall of the grinder cover, the front of the first and last step of the stairs, protective railings and warning flags, etc.Blue indicates the instruction and the rules that must be followed. Such as command signs, traffic signs, etc.Green means pass, safe and provide information. Traffic or safety conditions may be marked green. Such as means pass, machine start button, safety signal flag, etc.

3. Different people have different perception of color

We often ask people or are asked questions like. "what color do you like? It's easy to tell each other, "I like blue", "I like green"...That's how we all perceive colors, and each color feels different.

4. Colors suitable for children

Generally speaking, the colors that represent bright, warm, bright, happy, delicate, soft, lively and pure are the ones children like. For example, warm orange, relatively low saturation of red, yellow, pink, high purity of blue, green, and other neutral colors, such as purple green is also appropriate. In addition, there are some suitable color combination for children. They also can be a good performance of the child's vivid, lively, playful like rosy pink and blue.

The expert points out that the key period that is infant vision development is less than 2 years old. Bright-coloured color causes vision excitement easily, which is helpful for eyesight development. The visual development of children aged two to five or six tends to be stable, but also sensitive to color, and rich color also conforms to children's psychology. In the child's growth and development process, the appropriate visual stimulation is very beneficial. Therefore, in the indoor children's software equipment's production and operation, the dealer should choose the preferred more soft and lively colour, such as pink, sky blue. At the same time, we should pay attention to color contrast, such as the collocation of black and white, red and pink. And it would be pretty good to replace colorful pattern instead of color piece. Indoor main colour needn't to be too much. Three or four kinds are enough. This is not only good for growth and development, visual conforms to the psychological characteristics of children, and but also make own space bright and attractive.

Space Theme Kids Soft Playground

5. Regional differences of colors

Different countries and regions will have great differences in the use of colors. Relatively speaking, asians prefer colors and feel lighter, such as pink and white.Westerners prefer darker colors. Such as the following products used in the dark red, purple and other elements for the main color system.

6. The application of light and dark colors of the same product

Want to design a product with a good sense of integrity, rich layers, very powerful, good texture, the use of light and dark color is very important. Far from giving players messy thoughts and fragmented feelings, color combinations of light and dark can even make a fun picture.In the design of indoor children's soft amusement equipment, the change of the main color system is supplemented with complementary bright colors. When two colors complement each other, the area occupied by one color is much larger than the area occupied by the other color. The contrast of the picture can be enhanced, so that the picture can be very conspicuous and the color can be matched.

7.Color to cool, warm color contrast

A picture must have cool colors must have warm colors, brightness must have darkness, or the picture will be gray, or cold, or warm. We must have brightness and darkness to represent the solid.In our daily life, red and green are the typical contrasting colors.  It means the same proportion of red and green together, which is taboo in painting. But if they are properly matched, they can give a strong sense of beauty.Warm and cold colors shown in the overall picture should be relatively uniform. If the overall picture is a cool color plus some red embellishment, you will find a picture of the attractive point of red into a gold pen. Make it attractive. Make cold and warm combined step by step. 

8. Application of materials in specific scenes

The so-called material is a plush simulation of the nature of the real, that is, we often say there is a sense of reality. When we draw a material, we should draw the things around it in order to show the material. The reflection and refraction of each material should be different. This table, for example, is very reflective. If it's plastic, there's no reflection, just a projection. When we show the reflection and refraction of things, then grasp the characteristics of the material and its texture comes out. Just like the iron plate, the machine should have rivets. Cars should have glossed. These are things that if you show it. The texture of the object shouldn't be a big problem.

Any good equipment in only the color, of course, does not go far enough. In addition to ensure the absolute security of the products of raw materials, the attractive towards children. The collocation of color is used. It must make the picture items when drawing give "humanized" body language or facial expressions, and cold, warm light settings, and so on.

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