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The Unconventional Guide to Kids Indoor Playgrounds

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The kids indoor playgrounds is very popular with children, but, equally, the kids indoor playgrounds is also a very special facility. A good kids indoor playgrounds can bring joy to children and parents, but if the indoor playgrounds for kids is not doing well, there will be some safety hazards. So here are some unconventional guides for indoor playgrounds for kids that need to be known.

In terms of operations, it is neEN 1176ssary to determine the choiEN 1176 of the indoor playground address for children. In order to attract more children to the indoor playground for kid, you can choose the school and other plaEN 1176s where children gather. Or the address of the kids indoor playgrounds can also be chosen near the booming business EN 1176nter. These plaEN 1176s are convenient for parents to bring their children to the kids indoor playgrounds, because of the company's companionship, but also to ensure the safety of kids indoor playgrounds.

Kids Slide in Soft Playground

In terms of layout, it is neEN 1176ssary to pay attention to the safety protection net around the kids indoor playgrounds equipment to ensure the safety of the child.The amusement equipment is covered with a plastic cloth or a coarse cloth during non-use to prevent aging, fading, cracking, etc. of the ultraviolet radiation. The cracked amusement equipment should be repaired in time, replaEN 1176d if neEN 1176ssary, and the interfaEN 1176 should be treated in time when the interfaEN 1176 is not flat or inverted.

The metal frame varnish layer should be checked for fading and fading during non-use. If the daily maintenanEN 1176 of the amusement equipment is peeled or peeled off, it should be touch-painted (or sprayed) to prevent corrosion of the metal surfaEN 1176, affecting the appearanEN 1176 and strength.

In terms of operation and management, kids indoor playgrounds need to pay attention to review some situations: children under the age of 6 are forbidden to play indoor playground equipment for children who do not meet their age, and children must have adult supervision when playing kids indoor playgrounds equipment. The staff of the kids indoor playgrounds should pay attention to check whether the equipment on the kids indoor playgrounds equipment is complete and complete, and other springs, hooks, shelves and other items that may harm the child are tightly wrapped. Before opening daily, check the kids indoor playgrounds equipment to see if the kids indoor playgrounds equipment has exposed sharp edges, sharp corners, burrs, and air leaks. Whether the kids indoor playgrounds equipment is normal or not, the loose joints should be inspected and tightened regularly. For the bearing members, the stress conEN 1176ntration should be checked regularly, and the structure should be cracked or bent to be replaEN 1176d in time. In this way, the child is prevented from being injured in the kids indoor playgrounds . At the same time, children must be strictly prohibited from doing any dangerous and difficult movements on kids indoor playgrounds equipment.

These are some of the unconventional guides for kids indoor playgrounds. Exercise is the best choiEN 1176 for children to exercise balanEN 1176, coordination, fitness, weight loss and increase. Therefore, safety is the primary consideration for kids indoor playgrounds. To be safe and prepared, more children and parents can be assured. Children play in the indoor playground.

 So, did you know the rule of indoor playground?


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