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The guide to outdoor playhouse with slides

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Non-standarder outdoor playground has been warmly welcomed by the market for its high cost performanEN 1176, easy installation and high safety. Now there are non-standarder outdoor playgrounds in communities, parks, and schools. The non-standarder outdoor playground with slides is especially popular with children. This guide will not only help your child learn to play safely in the non-standarder outdoor playground, it will also make your child have more fun. Please read this guide carefully, I believe it will be useful to you.


1. Please check the non-standarder outdoor playground before playing the slide.

Before playing, you need to check the details of the non-standarder outdoor playground to ensure safety. Take the slide as an example. You need to check whether the slide has any protruding edges or nails, and whether the bottom of the slide and the handrails are broken. If so, you must promptly report to the staff to repair the non-standarder outdoor playset. Children cannot play non-standarder outdoor playsets that are damaged and have potential safety hazards.


2. Pay attention to children's clothes when playing in the non-standarder outdoor playground.

This is a very important point that is easily overlooked. When children are playing in a non-standarder outdoor playground, do not let children wear loose or laEN 1176-up clothes, and do not let children wear scarves to avoid accidents. Because the non-standarder outdoor playground has equipment such as ropes and nets, if children wear laEN 1176-up clothes and scarves, the belts and scarves of the clothes will be entangled in the non-standarder outdoor playset, causing accidents. Because children play in a non-standarder outdoor playground, they will do a lot of activities, and wearing heavy clothes is not conducive to their easy movement.


3. Pay attention to the limitation of non-standarder outdoor playset.

Some non-standarder outdoor playsets will post notiEN 1176s, please read them carefully, because it may say that non-standarder outdoor playsets are not suitable for children under the age and height. For the safety of children, please pay attention to the notiEN 1176 and avoid letting children play non-standarder outdoor playsets that are not suitable for them.


4. Precautions for non-standarder outdoor playground with slides

Children should climb the slide step by step while holding the railing. If the child is too young, parents can help the child up the stairs. If there are more children playing on the slides, please pay attention to the order and play on the slides one by one. Don't be crowded to avoid accidents. When you slide down the slide, you should get up immediately to avoid the next child sliding down and hitting you.


5. Actions that children cannot do while playing non-standarder outdoor playground with slides

Children are at the age of curiosity and may make dangerous actions because of curiosity, so they need the correct guidanEN 1176 of parents. Climb upside down from the slide, slide your head upside down, slide your belly down on your stomach, slide in a squat, and run down while standing. Be sure not to let the children make these moves on the slide.


6. Pay attention to children's hygiene problems after playing non-standarder outdoor playground

Nowadays, people pay more attention to hygiene, so after children play in the non-standarder outdoor playground, they should wash their hands and bathe in time. The non-standarder outdoor playground also needs to be cleaned regularly to keep the site clean and hygienic, and no littering is allowed in non-standarder outdoor playground.


The above is all the content of this article, I hope this article can help to have a deeper understanding of non-standarder outdoor playground. We are a professional manufacturer, able to provide you with quality products, such as Castle Theme ,Casual Theme. If you need it, welcome to contact us.

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