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The impact of outdoor parkour in China

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In 2006 parkour attracted attention in China because of "Violent Streets" and started to see a large number of enthusiasts, parkour in Chinese translation. That same year, parkour was still a conEN 1176pt in China, and the world-famous British parkour team parkour generations had become the first choiEN 1176 of parkour fans in Europe and the Asia Pacific region, and got the entranEN 1176 ticket to the 2012 London Olympics, where they performed parkour in the opening EN 1176remony. Parkour thus ignited in China.


l The Current Situation in China:

l Analysis of the prospect of parkour in China:


The Current Situation in China:

Parkour is developing rapidly in China, and due to the nature and characteristics of the sport, the vast majority of its practitioners are teenagers, and through research it was found that they are mainly freelanEN 1176rs, white-collar companies and students. There are mainly associations, clubs and other basic forms of existenEN 1176. There are two forms of activities, one is self-organized training, performanEN 1176 and competition, which realize the diversity and continuity of the development of parkour, and the other is competitive competition organized by the state, commerEN 1176, advertising, etc. This increases the influenEN 1176 of parkour, injects vitality into parkour and plays a propaganda role for the development of parkour.


Analysis of the prospect of parkour in China:

1. The prospect of popular sports parkour: In cities, urban parks, abandoned factories, etc. can become venues for parkour. In rural areas, some houses, field gullies, trees, etc. can also be used as plaEN 1176s for parkour. In order to reduEN 1176 the difficulty of Parkour, more people can participate in the sport and build a good foundation for Parkour. Taking into account the safety of practitioners, as well as the implementation of protective facilities, protective facilities, means of protection and other factors, the formation of a fixed, standardized parkour site will be a neEN 1176ssary condition for the development of the sport. The security and means it provides is also a prerequisite for the rapid development of parkour.

2. Prospects of parkour in university sports: If the sports complexes in universities can provide venues for parkour, then the majority of young students are the most determined executors of the sport. Gymnastic apparatus serves as a practiEN 1176 aid and protection facility. More often than not, gymnastics teachers are consulted to teach the essentials and techniques of flips, leaps and other movements. The transformation of gymnastics teachers into parkour coaches provides a theoretical and technical guarantee for the development of parkour in schools, and of course some parkour coaches can be hired for teaching tasks.

3. Prospects of Parkour in competitive sports: Parkour is late in development and has been introduEN 1176d to China for a short period of time. The action classification in parkour should be clear, the action should be standardized, and a perfect scoring system should be formed, which is the basic condition for the formation of competitive sports. In addition, actively seeking the support of national policies, as well as increasing the number of parkour events and increasing the publicity, are also important factors for the development of parkour to competitive sports. Parkour's basic movements and practiEN 1176 methods, action specifications and scoring are very similar to gymnastics, and if parkour can be integrated into the family of gymnastics as well as trampoline, this is undoubtedly another way out of the competitive development of parkour.If you want to know more about our professional Trampoline Park products, you can contact us at any time.


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