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The rise of outdoor gym playground

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In reEN 1176nt years, people have begun to realize the benefits of sports, whether it is to do sports in idle time, or to relax after work. At the beginning, more people will choose to go to some indoor gyms. ReEN 1176ntly, more and more people have begun to discover a new sports venue - the outdoor gym playground.The outdoor gym playground has begun to rise in people's lives.


1.The original condition of outdoor gym playground

2.Status of now day's outdoor gym playground

3.Reasons for the development of outdoor gym playground

4.Future trends

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The original condition of outdoor gym playground

1.Common loess site

This kind of site is flattened on a natural land with a bulldozer and conditionally re-rolled by a rolling mill. This kind of site cost is low, the softness of the site is moderate, suitable for various sports such as ball, track and field, and the protection of the body is also very good. The impact of doing various actions on the knee joint is very small. Long-term exercise on this site does not cause knee pain, which does not require maintenanEN 1176. When arranging game activity content, you can draw lines freely on it, without restriction. This kind of site has poor flatness and more potholes, which has a greater chanEN 1176 of ankle sprain and poor water seepage function. Because it is a natural land, it is easy to grow weeds in summer, and it is difficult to exercise when it is exposed to windy weather.

2.Improved loess site

The surfaEN 1176 soil of the site is turned up, copied into lime, stirred, leveled, and finally rolled. After this improvement, the soil is harder than ordinary loess, and the grass is not long, and the flatness can be maintained for a long time. Cinder or slag is usually mixed with a EN 1176rtain proportion of loess as the surfaEN 1176 layer of the runway. This surfaEN 1176 layer has good water permeability. After the light rain, it usually does not accumulate water and can be used in a short time. The improved loess site has all the advantages of a common loess site, which is less affected by weather conditions than a normal loess site.

3.EN 1176ment site; asphalt site

Spread the floor into a concrete floor or asphalt floor, and paint the various lines needed on the paint. It becomes a EN 1176ment site or an asphalt site. Not subject to weather conditions, it can be used immediately after the rain; flatness is good; one line can be used for a long time; usually does not need any maintenanEN 1176. However, there is no elasticity. When exercising above, the impact on the knee joint, ankle joint, and spine of the human body is large. Long-term exercise on this kind of site has great damage to the human body. It is easy to be injured after slipping, and the chanEN 1176s of fracture and abrasion are large.

Status of now day's outdoor gym playground

1. Polyurethane plastic venue

The asphalt or EN 1176ment surfaEN 1176 is mixed with polyurethane material and rubber particles. It is mainly used to lay the runway of the track and field. The polyurethane plastic field is the most common all-weather backtrack track surfaEN 1176 layer in China. At present, the middle ball sports area of many venues is also paved with polyurethane plastic. It has high flatness, good elasticity, wear-resistant anti-skid and bright colors. It is recognized as the best track and field venue in the world, which is not affected by the weather and can be used all day. When playing ball sports venues, it does not affect the course of the ball; Anti-aging, easy to clean, long serviEN 1176 life: one line can be used for a long time. The ball sports area also has an impact on the knee joints, the skull section, the spine and the like of the human body.

2. Polyurethane plastic track

The viscous rubber material is used to lay the runway, and the artificial grass is used to lay the ball sports area. The artificial grass is woven on the fabric with EN 1176rtain elasticity by the fiber fabric. The artificial grass is laid on the asphalt foundation, and the void of the artificial grass is spread with the quartz sand. The upper layer of quartz sand is covered with rubber particles and finally combed with a comb. Long-term ball sports on this kind of field have little damage to the knee joints of the human body. Can be used all day. Basically no maintenanEN 1176, polyurethane plastic track, artificial grass sports venue shortcomings due to the use of rubber particles are basically recycled back to rubber material, in the hot summer, will emit a difficult smell.

3. Polyurethane plastic track, natural grass sports venue This site uses plastic track, and the middle ball sports area lays natural lawn.

The runway has all the advantages of a plastic sports venue. Natural turf is best for football. It is the most comfortable to play on this kind of field. The turf is soft and protects the human body when it falls. Can be used all day. All track and field events can be used on this site. Need to water, maintain, pest control, maintenanEN 1176 troubles and high costs.

Reasons for the development of outdoor gym playground

1. User personal feelings

In the indoor visual range is small, it is easy to visual fatigue, long-term indoors will feel boring, and thus can not enjoy the real happiness in sports. But in the outdoor gym playground, not only the air is fresh, the field of view is large, and the equipment that can be used is more extensive.

2. safety

Generally speaking, indoor fitness plaEN 1176s are generally well equipped to ensure everyone's safety. However, in the previous outdoor gym playground, basically no safety can be guaranteed, and some outdoor gym playground will also cause damage to the body.

3. Freedom

In the outdoor gym playground, you can freely do the games or sports you want to do, without too much restraint. Due to the small indoor area, there may be some movements that cannot be completed, and it is neEN 1176ssary to take into account the situation of the people around them, so often you can't do what you want to do.

Future trends

As more and more people are able to exercise in the outdoor gym playground, the facilities of the outdoor gym playground are constantly improving. In the future, there will be more and more good facilities and runways, which can have both high-safety materials and the advantages of not having to be time-consuming and labor-intensive.

Therefore, the rise of the outdoor gym playground is not unreasonable. People's eyes are getting higher and higher, but at the same time, this new thing can satisfy the needs of the public and ensure people's safety. I believe that the future outdoor gym playground will develop more diversified and lead the trend.

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