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Tips for Choosing Locations and Ninja Course in Trampoline Park

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        Nowadays, amusement and leisure industries are very import for kids and adults. For business men, it ’s a big business opportunity and new concept for indoor amusement parks. Mich has been in the field of entertainment equipment since 2008. Here offer some tips for choosing location:

1. Free and empty space for a general amusement park

2. No pillars/collars or less in entertainment center

3. Enough ceiling height for different environmental equipment

        Regarding for ceiling heights, there is no detailed and strict requirements on kids indoor playground. Because heights can be customized. Children playground usually is 1.4m high by level. If needs higher, it can be higher. For commercial trampoline park indoor, the ceiling height usually should be 5.5m/18ft at least according to ASTM. It needs to leave enough space for trampoline players to bounce. If small trampoline, the ceiling height can be lower. In this case, it only can be for kids. Trampoline mats usually is 1m high from the ground. Sometimes it will reduce to 0.8m for kids trampoline.


        Besides free zone, dodgeball, basketball, high performance, kids area,etc, there is a new and different area in large bounce trampoline park which is called Ninja Course. It’s made of foam pit and some barriers for players to across the foam pit. The barriers usually are swings, different types for walking, gym bar, etc. Players can enjoy contest time with their friends. The most important is that they don’t need to worry once falling down. Large trampolines with foam pit is extremely welcome at home and abroad.

        If any ideas, welcome to contact with us at your convenient time. 

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