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Tips for choosing the right outdoor fitness equipment

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Recently, everyone seems to be talking about the importance of community health. The good news is that your park can do something to improve it. Providing outdoor fitness equipment is a good way to increase the utilization rate of the park and improve the health of the community. So, what are the precautions for choosing outdoor fitness equipment?


When purchasing outdoor fitness equipment, please remember the following four considerations

1. Create an inclusive environment. Teenagers and adults of all abilities are welcome to use outdoor fitness equipment together. Beginners can easily obtain and use outdoor fitness equipment.

2. Meet the needs of all fitness levels. Find outdoor fitness equipment suitable for beginners or advanced users.

3. Provide various exercises. Provide outdoor fitness equipment for various fitness fields, such as muscle strength, cardiovascular health and balance/flexibility.

4. Designed to suit your environment. Consider where outdoor fitness equipment will be most utilized, and make sure that the size and aesthetics of the equipment fit the environment.


Tips on choosing an exercise bike.

This is the cheapest and lightest outdoor fitness equipment: 2 square meters on the ground is enough. The exercise bike is easy to use and can be used by everyone, regardless of age and body shape. You can do this even if you are overweight, because sitting and doing work will not support your body's weight. Only people with bone pain or knee tendinitis should choose the oval or walking type. Finally, if there is a problem with the sciatic back, please proceed with caution, as it is not recommended to sit for a long time and tilt your back forward.


l This outdoor fitness equipment has a simple model, starting at one hundred euros: the resistance change is done by the controller.

l If you have a small space, choose folding bikes that fit in the closet: they are slightly less comfortable, but remain strong.

l Some guarantee five years. If you prefer comfort, you can put it on a wide saddle, a simple span and high handles to keep your back straight.

l Do you want to pedal at an appropriate speed? Choose a hybrid handlebar with multiple arm positions to make changes during training.

l Some main power bikes provide programs that automatically change the intensity and speed: this is a good way to maintain power, but at least 250 euros.


Tips on choosing an elliptical machine.

If the elliptical machine of some outdoor fitness equipment is foldable, please make sure that you have enough space: minimum 3 to 4 square meters to allow room to move your arms. Those who often walk or who are already engaged in sports will work hard for endurance and shape their contours. Due to the alternating movement of the arms and legs, the ellipse stretches the upper and lower body, as well as the back and abdomen.


Therefore, if you want to lose weight, this outdoor fitness equipment is a good choice, especially because the lack of impact can protect the joints, knees and other buttocks.In the case of mild back pain, you can even practice without too much effort, because exercise requires standing upright and helps to relax (rather than sciatica or low back pain). However, if you are sedentary or suffer from heart disease, it is best to resume activity on a treadmill or start with a bicycle if you are overweight.


l Using outdoor fitness equipment everything depends on the goal: stay healthy, build endurance, build muscle.

l If you plan to use less than 3 hours a week, please choose the basic model with manual resistance adjustment.

l If you schedule more exercises with outdoor fitness equipment, please count at least 250 to 300€.

l Some people say that the heart rate is useful for measuring his efforts, but they prefer a heart rate sensor equipped with a heart rate monitor, which is more reliable than the sensor in the hand.

l Test outdoor fitness equipment in the store to see if the exercise is right for you: When the arms are at the maximum distance, the back should be straight and the pedaling fluid should not shake.


Tips on choosing a treadmill.

Walking or jogging, it allows everyone to exert their endurance. If you have a room: at least 4 square meters; even if it is somewhat curved, you can only win half of the floor space. Another disadvantage: usually very noisy. If you are walking, do not put your hands on the console as this will cause strain on your back, shoulders and neck. Instead, use outdoor fitness equipment swing arms along the body or bent elbows to accompany exercise to straighten your shoulders.


l Carrying out outdoor fitness equipment sports activities, maintenance work, soft recovery of regular training, the color palette is very wide.

l If you are looking for a space-saving outdoor fitness equipment (size 40 x 100 cm for carpet) and easy to use (zero installation), some special mats for fast walking can provide 0.5 to 8 km/h speed. From 250 euros.

l If you want to tilt outdoor fitness equipment to change the intensity of walking, you need to increase your budget slightly.


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