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Tips for non-standarder outdoor playground safety

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 There are many novel and interesting amusement equipment in the non-standarder outdoor playground. non-standarder outdoor playground has attracted the attention of many children because of the creative shape and fun of non-standarder outdoor playset. With the popularity of non-standarder outdoor playground, people also need to pay more attention to the safety of non-standarder outdoor playground. Here are some practical tips for non-standarder outdoor playground safety. I hope to help you.


1. Formulate reasonable safety regulations and let children follow

2. Choose good quality non-standarder outdoor playsets

3. Regularly check non-standarder outdoor playground facilities


1. Formulate reasonable safety regulations and let children follow

An external factor that is very important to ensure the safety of non-standarder outdoor playgrounds is to formulate and comply with reasonable safety regulations. There are some potential safety hazards that are not caused by the non-standarder outdoor playground itself, but are caused by users not being able to strictly follow the operating specifications. Therefore, it is very important for children to understand and abide by the safety regulations of non-standarder outdoor playground. For example, it is not allowed to bring any sharp objects into the non-standarder outdoor playground, including clothes with sharp ornaments. Sharp objects may harm other children. Children of this age are vulnerable. Children avoid bumping into others while playing. Because the children are young and their cognition is not mature enough, they need the guidance of parents or staff. In the non-standarder outdoor playground, it is best not to wear scarves or hats to avoid accidents when playing rope net climbing projects.


2. Choose good quality non-standarder outdoor playsets

In addition to external factors, a good-quality non-standarder outdoor playset is also one of the important factors to ensure the safety of the non-standarder outdoor playground. Now relevant organizations have issued quality standards for non-standarder outdoor playsets. We recommend that you choose a manufacturer that meets the regulations and quality standards when purchasing non-standarder outdoor playsets. A manufacturer with a quality certificate is a good choice. Manufacturers with rich experience and quality certificates are more reassuring than other manufacturers, don’t they? The material of non-standarder outdoor playsets is also very important. Now the market has plastic outdoor playground and wooden outdoor play house. These materials are relatively strong enough to support a large weight. If conditions permit, you can visit the non-standarder outdoor playground. In this way, you will have a deeper understanding of non-standarder outdoor playground and know what type of non-standarder outdoor playground is more suitable for you.



3. Regularly check non-standarder outdoor playground facilities

Regular inspection and maintenance of non-standarder outdoor playsets is an important factor to ensure the long-term safe use of non-standarder outdoor playgrounds. Any equipment will be worn or aged during use, so it is very necessary to regularly check and repair the non-standarder outdoor playground. You can check the non-standarder outdoor playground from these aspects. First of all, you need to check whether the device is stable and there is no shaking. For the sharp parts of the equipment, you need to wrap them with sponge or other materials, so as to have more safety protection. If there are foreign objects such as nails on the surface of the equipment, they must be cleaned up in time. On the floor of the non-standarder outdoor playground, you can spread a sponge mat or sand. These can play a buffering role and prevent children from being injured.



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