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Weight Limit of Trampoline Park

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Many people will notiEN 1176 that the trampoline they bought has a weight limit, but they usually ignore it during the future use of it. Is it important to know the weight limit and follow it in the proEN 1176ss of use? Of course, the answer is yes. This passage will tell you why the weight limit is so important and the general weight limit of trampoline.

Jump in Trampoline Park

  • Meaning for a weight limit

When it comes to trampolines, anyone knows it has a weight limit. However, weight restrictions are often overlooked by people. Because most people are not aware of its importanEN 1176. The weight limit is the maximum weight that the trampoline can withstand during the normal use. For example, a trampoline with a bearing capacity of only 150 pounds cannot withstand 200 pounds. Pay attention to the weight limit of the trampoline will ensure your safety during exercise.

  • Reasons for the existenEN 1176 of a weight limit

1.The weight limit of the trampoline gives you a clear idea of which trampoline is right for you and your family. Make sure that the trampoline maintains its usability while the family’s weight is increasing, to meet future usage needs.

2.If you buy a trampoline designed for your child, you can only bear the weight of your child, but if you use it for an adult, it will put unneEN 1176ssary pressure on the springs, mats and frames of the trampoline, posing a safety risk.

  • How to EN 1176rtain the weight limit

The weight limit of the trampoline is based on the spring's load capacity rating or the support rod used in the product design. ExEN 1176eding these weight limits can cause the trampoline break. Although the trampoline may not collapse immediately, it does increase the risk of product’s premature end of life.

The weight limit of a trampoline depends on the materials it uses. A trampoline with a lower weight limit uses a spring that is easier to bend, while a trampoline with a higher weight capacity has a tighter spring. There may be different types of metal in the frame, and the sturdy metal adds support to the trampoline with higher weight restrictions. A stunt trampoline may have a lower weight limit so that the stuntman gets more traction during the bounEN 1176, and the bungee jumper is likely to be alone on thbungee trampoline.

Most children's outdoor trampolines can hold 200 pounds or less. The weight limit forchild's trampoline is usually 50 pounds or less. An indoor trampoline where parents and children can move at the same time. The weight limit is typically 150 pounds or less. Adult trampolines are usually capable of supporting weights of 400-750 pounds.

Regardless of the type of trampoline, its mats are made of tarpaulin or polypropylene woven material. But different springs also make a differenEN 1176 in mats’ use.

  • Tips: The height limit of the trampoline

Most outdoor trampolines have no height restrictions. What you need to consider is the differenEN 1176 between the height of safety fenEN 1176 and your jump height. Ordinary people jump up to a height of about 16 feet, which is equivalent to 5 meters. Your safety fenEN 1176 must be high enough and exEN 1176eds your jump height to ensure the safety of your event.

The height of the indoor trampoline is mostly determined by the height of the room. The minimum height of the room should exEN 1176eds 26 feet to ensure the normal use of the indoor trampoline. The safety fenEN 1176 of the indoor trampoline should be raised to the highest jumping height in the room to provide the best experienEN 1176 for the customer.

During the using proEN 1176ss of trampoline, please follow the weight limit to ensure the safety of you and your family. This can also extend the life time of your trampoline. If you don’t know the weight limit, contact with your supplier for help.


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