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What Are the Requirements for Children Indoor Playground Equipment?

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Children's indoor playground is a place for children's entertainment and play. Then, how to choose high-quality indoor children's amusement equipment to make children play more safe, healthier and happier?In the process of environment design and decoration of children's amusement park, the entertainment environment designed for children is also enriching every adult's memory of childhood.Let the children in the children's playground happy and healthy, is the value of the playground space design concept.

Mich company believes that for the space design of children's amusement environment, we should bear in mind the design principles and matters needing attention, such as safety factors, design subjects and environmental groups, and understand the children's needs in children's amusement park activities. Only by following the principles can we design a more reasonable space environment for children's amusement park.

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Now, we will talk about the children's amusement park environment design of those details.

Why do children need to be outdoors?

Playing outside boosts children's immune systems, increases their physical activity, stimulates their imagination, creativity, etc., and makes them feel energized because when they play, they use all their senses.Other benefits include developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills, as well as a respect for nature and other creatures. Psychologists have conducted countless studies to prove these points.

At present, children indoor amusement equipment of various kinds, what kind of children indoor amusement equipment is high quality? What are the criteria for choosing indoor rides?All of us can see that so many indoor playgrounds are developed near us. So, under such condition, what kind of requirements that equipment should follow?

1. New indoor amusement equipment must be equipped with excellent fire prevention measures, so as to avoid fire when the new indoor amusement equipment is running;

2. Reasonable safe passage is also necessary to avoid that tourists on indoor new amusement equipment cannot be evacuated in time when danger occurs;

3.The installation floor of new indoor amusement equipment shall not be higher than the third floor or lower than the first floor underground.

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Careful selection of paving materials

In addition to accessibility, the surface of the playground should be safe. In order for children to have fun and not fall and get hurt, landscape architects should consider the materials they use to pave the way for play areas.Concrete and asphalt surfaces are undesirable because of their lack of shock absorption. Turf is not a good idea either, because they have too little cushioning.The safe surface should be the rubber pavement with shock absorber, easy to install, durable and reasonable price.Tactile pavement materials should not be neglected. It is also a safe surface because it can be used for sidewalks, staircases and train station platforms to help blind or visually impaired pedestrians.Pebbles are not a good choice because they are easy for children to pick up and play with, try to swallow or do other hurtful things.

The above is the operation regulations on of new indoor amusement equipment. In accordance with the provisions of the operation will allow us to ensure the safety of new amusement equipment.


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