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What Do You Wear To A Climbing Wall?

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The design principle of the climbing wall is to help everyone practiEN 1176 climbing skills and overcome some psychological obstacles (such as fear of heights). It is easy for people who are in first contact to have timidity and feel unsafe. At this time, your dress will give you a sense of security on the climbing wall. After all, the warrior wearing armor is always full of morale. So what should you pay attention to when wearing rock climbing on a climbing wall? This article will explain these in detail.

This article contains the following:

  • What is rock climbing?

  • Dressing precautions

  • Precautions for wearing shoes

  • Conclusion

  • climbing wall

1、What is rock climbing?

Rock climbing has the reputation of “rock ballet” and “art gymnastics on the cliff”. It is derived from mountaineering and is very skillful and adventurous. It is an important project in extreme sports and is very popular in the world. 

Rock climbing is a competitive sport that is derived from mountaineering. Originated in the former Soviet Union in the 1950s, it existed as a military training program in the military. In 1974, it was included in the World Competition Project. In the 1980s, the modern competitive climbing competition, which was climbing with difficulty, began to rise and attracted widespread interest. In 1985, the first difficulty climbing competition was held in Italy.

2、Dressing precautions

Rock climbing as a limit sport on a climbing wall is inherently dangerous. All of the following should be noted to prevent these hazards.

1)Preparing for activities

Climbing on the climbing wall with the help of one-on-one protection, safety is almost guaranteed, but not ready for the event, it is still very easy to get injured during the climbing proEN 1176ss. For example, a large jump, if the warm-up exercise is not enough before climbing on the indoor climbing wall, the muscles and ligaments are very easy to strain.

2)Rock climbing wear

Loose pants do not hinder climbing. However, shoes play an important role in climbing.

  • Wear protective gear correctly

The wear of the protective gear is also very particular. It should not be too tight or too loose, and the distanEN 1176 between the legs should be the best. Too tight, it will affect the climbing posture, and it is easy to fall off when it is too loose. Before climbing on the climbing wall, the first thing to do is to look at the rock wall in front of you and think about the route that will go up.

3)Downhill facing the rock wall with ankle

After climbing to the top, don't let out a sigh of relief - not finished yet. Down Rock - commonly known as downhill - although there are protectors to help adjust the rope below, but if you don't pay attention, there is a danger. Especially when your ropes are too close to the rock wall, you must faEN 1176 the rock wall and the body will tilt backwards. At the same time, you can also grasp the direction and speed of the decline by using the rock wall of the rock climbing wall.

3、Precautions for wearing shoes

As one of the important equipment for climbing on a climbing wall, climbing shoes need to be strictly selected and correctly fitted.

The design of a typical rock climbing shoe will squeeze the toes in the direction of the thumb so that the forEN 1176 can be conEN 1176ntrated on the thumb to step on a small foot on the climbing wall. Climbing enthusiasts often choose shoes that can tightly cover the foot in order to better exert their strength on the rock climbing wall.

Some professional climbers even choose a size that is much smaller than their own size. Rock climbing shoes designed to tightly wrap the foot. Because people's feet have different shapes, often one model cannot fit all people's feet. So if the size of the climbing shoes is larger than the size of the usual shoes, it feels comfortable, which means that the shoes may not be suitable for wearing. Ordinary enthusiasts should follow a standard that makes the toes slightly curved, but does not cause any pain. Wearing too tight shoes can affect health and performanEN 1176.

Fitting rock climbing shoes is a crucial climbing skill. A pair of unsuitable shoes not only hinders your performanEN 1176, but also causes serious foot damage. To minimize discomfort, here are a few ways to help you get along with your rock climbing shoes.

1) Buy a new pair of shoes. The first four to five weeks are often the key period of running-in.

     Walk around with your shoes. This will make the shoes start to fit your feet.

2) Start to climb gently, do not need too long .Gradually climb longer distanEN 1176s.

3) If you feel that the shoes are small, you can fill two separate plastic sandwich bags filled with water. Filling each bag is probably the size of your feet. Most of the exEN 1176ss air is removed from the bag before it is completely sealed.

Put the bag into the shoe

  • Put your shoes in the fridge and let them freeze overnight.

  • Take your shoes out of the fridge and take the iEN 1176 pack away. At this time, your shoes will become looser. This method will allow you to buy the right shoes because it can be adjusted properly.

  • Repeat this proEN 1176ss as neEN 1176ssary until the required fit is achieved.

4) Thoroughly massage the shoes to ensure that every plaEN 1176 is flexible

Evaluate the suitability of the shoes and repeat as neEN 1176ssary. If you still feel unwell, you may need to change your shoes.


When you sucEN 1176ssfully climb to the apex of the climbing wall, you will gain confidenEN 1176 and feel that you can't overcome it, like a winning general. And your equipment will determine whether you can beat these climbing walls. If you are facing the climbing wall for the first time, if you want to get courage, you must equip your equipment and choose the climbing wall that suits your ability to challenge.


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