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What are indoor activities for indoor playground?

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Many of us have fond memories of the breaks when we are liberated from those sultry classrooms, releasing all the suppressed energy. Playing children are smiling children who use their imagination to explore the world. The rewards of the game are endless, especially when partners or teams enjoy it together. For children, it encourages cooperation, problem solving, healthy communication and focus. When they discover and connect with each other and their environment, their creativity floods. This article is about what kind of activities that can be found in an indoor playground and how the games works.

The following indoor playground activities are listed below:

  • Catch the flag

  • Treasure hunt

  • Jump rope

  • Hula hoop relay

  • Catch the dragon’s tail

1.  Catch the flag

Capture the Flag is a proven game loved by children and adults alike. Scouts especially like this fun and vibrant pastime. It requires teamwork, strategy and a lot of energetic running in an customized indoor playground . The nature of the game makes it adaptable to many environments, although a wide open space with obstacles and hidden places would be ideal, it could be in an indoor playground too. The goal is to have at least 10 players as they will be split into two teams. There are two teams; each has a field, and they are free to mark in divided territories, such as ropes, banners, or cones. The teams gather in the center of the indoor playground and each gets a flag. If the flag isn't ready, any light object will do: rubber chickens, frisbees, and stuffed animals will definitely make a smile. Once the referee announces the start of the game, the two teams have five minutes to hide the flags in their respective areas. The goal of this game is to capture the opponent's flag and send it across the border without being touched by "enemies". If caught, the flag will be returned to its original location of the indoor playground, and the player must enter the opponent's prison, which is usually located between the flag and the borderline. A prison can be a tree or a circled area in the indoor playground; there are no restrictions on captives, and they must be in contact with the prison at any time. Panel members can release one prisoner at a time by touching the prisoner. The fun of this game is that it always provides unique challenges to keep everyone active!

2. Treasure hunt

The treasure hunt in the soft indoor playground stimulated the excitement of the children, prompting them to embrace their inner detectives. There are no real rules for treasure hunting, so you can freely imagine a variety of treasures and challenges based on the age and interests of the children. The indoor playground is the perfect place for treasure hunts as it provides many corners of hidden objects and encourages children to interact with obstacles. A series of clues may inspire their curious, connected thinking, but it may also help them to roam freely and find treasure. Another way is to try to hide the puzzles (must count them first), and let the children do the puzzles together once they are all found.

3. Jump rope

Rope skipping is an ancient and precious sport, and it has a place in playgrounds all over the world. It is an active, alert activity that can exercise hand-eye coordination and timing and it can be introduced to the indoor playground. Many creative patterns emerge endlessly: crosses, double Dutch style, double bottom style and leg style, etc. Rhymes can be added to mixes, cultivate a love of music and improve multitasking. Rope skippers can progress together and enjoy the fruits of mastering a new technology. Skipping rope can provide many group games. One line of players can try to skip the ropes at the same time to encourage open communication and teamwork. This line can grow with every successful jump, creating more challenges and spreading joy. The skipping relay race is full of competitive fun. A player of each team jumps to a fixed point while running, then jumps back, passes the rope to the next teammate, and repeats this action until the first team wins.

4. Hula hoop relay

This game of the indoor playground is another creative icebreaker game that can improve your intelligence. There is no limit to the number of children who can play this game, but larger groups need more patience. The children joined hands and circled face to face. Two hula hoops were placed at the opposite points of the circle and passed through them hand in hand. The goal is to "swing" the hula hoop towards each other until they meet without breaking the connection; this is achieved by crossing the top of the head, under the legs and arms. For more challenges, try to blindfold or forbid conversation. In any case, this activity is bound to cause laughter and stimulate creativity.

5. Catch the dragon’s tail

Today's vibrant global culture should be a learning experience for children. By introducing them to games from all over the world, such as "Catch the Dragon Tail" from China, they showed them the universality of the spirit of the game. Grabbing the tail requires a long row of children to hug each other's shoulders from behind. The first was a dragon head, and the last was a tail. The purpose of the game is to let the dragon head mark the tail. This sounds easy, but there are two interesting considerations; this line must remain connected when the dragon's "body" (all parts except the head and tail) strives to separate them. This is a fun and entertaining game suitable for many children, and suitable in an indoor playground.

In a word, there are many activities in an indoor playground, it’s really full of fun.


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