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What are the Safety matters for using outdoor fitness equipment?

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More and more outdoor fitness equipment suitable for mass sports and fitness appears in public places in the community, providing convenience for people who love leisure and fitness. Outdoor fitness equipment can bring everyone happiness and at the same time exercise a good physique. However, outdoor fitness equipment should also be used scientifically to avoid injury. So, what are the safety precautions for using outdoor fitness equipment?


Here is the content list:

warm up

Read the instructions

Pay attention to exercise time and physical condition

Note for special groups



warm up

Before using outdoor fitness equipment, it is important to warm up properly, especially in winter or when the ambient temperature is low. You can do some stretching exercises, stretching exercises, exercise your muscles and bones, and move each joint apart, and it is best to sweat a little. Then there are formal exercises and relaxation exercises. This can avoid muscle soreness after the first exercise.

In addition, be careful not to wear slippers, high heels, etc., to avoid injury from slipping and falling when standing unsteadily.


Read the instructions

When using each type of fitness equipment, you must first read the content of the warning sign on the equipment. In order to achieve a safe and good exercise effect, please choose fitness equipment suitable for different groups of people. According to the warning sign, warm reminder and fitness equipment classification Use all kinds of equipment to avoid accidents as much as possible.


Pay attention to exercise time and physical condition

Outdoor fitness equipment can generally be divided into body structure exercise (also called anaerobic exercise), aerobic exercise and body flexibility training. It is necessary to master the exercise time, and it is best not to exercise more than one hour for the elderly. In addition, during exercise, you should do according to your ability. Generally, the pulse rate should not exceed 110 beats/minute, and it should not exceed 120 beats/minute, so don't overdo it.


Note for special groups

Most of the outdoor fitness equipment is designed according to the human body mechanics of adults and is not suitable for children to use. Try to let children use this fitness equipment as little as possible, or accompany and guide children to use fitness equipment throughout the process. When the elderly want to use outdoor fitness equipment, their movements should be slow and gentle. Patients with severe hypertension, coronary heart disease, pulmonary heart disease, asthma and vertigo should disable or use fitness equipment with caution to prevent accidents, and pay attention to safety when using fitness equipment. Please pay attention to check whether the equipment is in good condition before use. If there is any damage, please contact the management staff immediately.


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