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What are the advantages of 3D interactive projectors?

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Interactive game systems use a projector to project the game screen onto the ground, wall and desktop. The system collects human-computer interaction information by detecting the camera, and performs computer processing to complete the human-computer interaction game process. The brightness of the game screen is affected by the environment, and the screen size is related to the installation height.


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• What are the features of 3D interactive projectors?

• Where can the 3D interactive projectors be used?

• What are the advantages of 3D interactive projectors?


What are the features of 3D interactive projectors?

1. Support multiple people to interact at the same time.

The non-contact interaction technology of image motion recognition, combined with auxiliary recognition technology, does not support single-person interaction, but also supports simultaneous interaction of multiple people without affecting the interaction effect.


2. Adapt to various venues, such as circular, arc, spherical, etc., can be used for wall interaction and sliding interaction effects.


3. Real-time capture without delay.

The interactive projector system uses stable equipment and advanced operation methods to delay the picture at about 0.01 seconds to achieve the effect of real-time interaction.


4. Support VAG synchronization, sound and picture synchronization, support the interactive projection of notebook signals, have a good dynamic and static 2D3D display effect, the picture is full and there is no picture phenomenon.


Where can the 3D interactive projectors be used?

It can be used in shopping malls, games and entertainment venues, science and technology museums, museums, smart homes, bars and other environments.


What are the advantages of 3D interactive projectors?

1. Accommodate many people to interact and entertain together, increase the opportunities for parents and children to play together, men, women, and children can participate together to experience competition and fun games.


2. The combination of virtual and real, interesting interactive methods brings a new game experience and creates an innovative high-tech game.


3.More portable.

The posters, banners, crowd barriers, lights, and other props needed for the event can be time-consuming because you need to set up, transport, and dismantle each of them. It's easy to forget something.


4.It's easier to create an immersive experience for your audience.

Because 3D interactive projector is so flexible and there is more creative space, your work can stand out.

For example, sitting in a room with a spectacular image of the night sky and stars may look beautiful, but you know that it is just a photo. However, if you sit in a 360-degree room, the panoramic image will seamlessly wrap around all the walls, and the projector can make them look as if the stars are twinkling, and your brain will start to feel that you are sitting outside. You may not fully believe it, but it is a fascinating experience.


3D interactive projector eliminates all these problems. All you need is an image or theme designed with appropriate software and projector, and you will get a highly entertaining, impressive display.


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