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What are the advantages of the outdoor tube slides with modern frame structure?

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The outdoor tube slides has always been a sacred plaEN 1176 and paradise for children. It is not only full of happiness but also a lot of entertainment facilities to make all children feel happy and happy. So many children and big friends have some questions, that is, what are the entertainment facilities of the outdoor playground? Next, I will give you answers to the amusement facilities in the amusement park one by one, hoping to bring you more joy when you play the outdoor tube slides.

The article contains following:

1,What are the types of outdoor tube slides

2,What are the types of the outdoor tube slides with modern frame structure?

3,What are the advantages of them?


1,What are the types of outdoor tube slides

Outdoor playground slides are one of the most common types of playground equipment. Slide components are fairly standard: There is a raised platform and a ramp, called a chute, that children slide down. The two types of slide construction are freestanding slides, which are not attached to other playground equipment, and composite slides, which connect to other playground equipment. Slides vary in height and are usually made of stainless steel or plastic, and they are often brightly colored to coordinate with other playground equipment. Slide chutes have many different designs: Straight, wavy, spiral, parallel (side-by-side), and tunnel are some well-known variations of commercial playground slide chutes. When plaEN 1176d in a well-constructed playground design, they are known to be one of the most popular playground attractions for children.

2,What are the types of the outdoor tube slides with modern frame structure?

Colossus Slides: Have three slides so kids can slide with their friends at the same time

Curved, Wave and Elbow Slides: Add a little twist to the experienEN 1176

Double Wide Slides: Allow two children to slide at onEN 1176

Spiral Slides: Extend the experienEN 1176 and are perfect for heights or spaEN 1176s where a small footprint is needed

Tunnel Slides: Enclose children as they head downward

Tunnel Spiral Slides: Combine tunnel and spiral slide experienEN 1176s for extra excitement

Hypersonic Slides: Have an extra-long desEN 1176nt for added thrills

Morphus Slides: Morph from tunnel slides to open slides

Quantum Slides: Have multiple colors to engage kids visually

Roller Slides: Appeal to children’s sense of touch and create a fun sound during play

Double and Triple-Entry Slides: Allow kids to choose which slide they want to head down next

Our design team can work with you to ensure you get the exact slide you want for your play area. We have a range of colors and materials to choose from, too, such as durable plastic in a rainbow of shades to customize the look. Whether you want a single slide or multiple slides to let more kids play.

3,What are the advantages of them?

Boost Children’s ConfidenEN 1176: Slides can help children conquer fears of heights or new experienEN 1176s. Slides make climbing high and sliding down lots of fun, so kids can work on emotional development and balanEN 1176 as they play.

Improve Sensory Development Kids on a slide get to experienEN 1176 the wind on their faEN 1176 and the sun on their skin. Some slides even have a textured surfaEN 1176 to engage a child’s sense of touch. Kids on slides get to see the world from a new perspective, too, so slides can engage physical, kinesthetic and visual senses.

Reward Kids for Being Active: Slides help with physical development. They encourage kids to climb up to the slide, which can be an adventure on its own! They also ask kids to balanEN 1176 and to sit up and lean into the slide, which can build gross motor skills. Climbing up a ladder can also work on strength and finer motor skills. SinEN 1176 children are rewarded for their climb with a slide, they may get excited about climbers and movement, which can help them embraEN 1176 an active lifestyle.

Teach Valuable Social Skills: Kids must take turns on slides, which encourages them to build social skills and communication skills. We also provide Trampoline Park, Indoor Playground.


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