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What are the common problems of Non-standard customize playground?

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The Non-standard customize playground is a good place for children to play and exercise outdoors. Unfortunately, more than 213,000 children under the age of 18 receive treatment for playground-related injuries in the emergency rooms of American hospitals each year.


Common problems in Non-standard customize playground.

Despite the existence of playground guidelines and standards, more work needs to be done to prevent these injuries. When you are in charge of the Non-standard customize playground, the last thing you have to do is to solve many problems. However, when non-standard amusement equipment starts to have problems, it is important to understand the warning signs.


Rusty slide

The slides of the Non-standard customize playground need to be kept in top working condition so that people can continue to use them for as long as possible. Due to the discoloration, you will be able to spot any rust. Need to deal with and remove the rust to restore the slide to its previous luster.


Rust can slow people down when they try to slide because it creates a lot of friction. The most effective way to prevent non-standard amusement equipment from rusting is to make the slides as dry as possible. It is difficult to cover the canopy on the slide, so the best way is to wipe it off after each heavy rain, so that the slide will remain dry, you can keep it in the best condition, so non-standard amusement equipment does not Difficult to maintain.


Broken swing seat

When playing in the Non-standard customize playground, people like to go with the flow, and non-standard amusement equipment will suffer a lot of wear and tear. If many people sit on the seat or they bounce up and down, the seat may be damaged. Damaged non-standard amusement equipment needs to be replaced as soon as possible because people may fall and be injured. A new seat will make the swing as firm as possible. Before making a final decision, compare different swing seats.


Cracked tarmac

The lawn of the Non-standard customize playground needs to be kept smooth so that people can play safely. Regularly resurface the Non-standard customize playground to make the ground completely level. Hot weather will cause the concrete to crack, and rain will corrode the concrete. Pay close attention to the quality of the apron, and immediately repair any problems large or small. If the non-standard amusement equipment starts to crack or the railing is bent and deformed, the roundabout may break. In this case, the non-standard amusement equipment needs to be replaced, and the railings can be repaired to make them fully upright again.


Broken Rocking Horse

Children like to sway on horses tied to the ground by springs. The non-standard amusement equipment should be kept in good condition to make the Non-standard customize playground work properly. Sometimes, sometimes the child breaks the spring in the force of shaking forward and backward. If this happens, the entire spring needs to be replaced. As the spring ages, it may begin to rust. The rust can be removed, and then the spring can be treated professionally to ensure that it will not rust. Maintaining the Non-standard customize playground requires a lot of patience, because problems may occur at any time, and the problems may be difficult to solve. Even if you think it’s not a big deal, solve the problem as soon as possible.


Facts about injuries on the Non-standard customize playground.

① The most common types of injuries include fractures, contusions, cuts and sprains.

② The arm is the most commonly injured body part.

③ Injuries most often occur on climbers, swings and slides.

④ Children between the ages of 5 and 12 are injured the most.

⑤ Most playground injuries occur in Non-standard customize playgrounds or parks.


Non-standard customize playground safety tips.

l Avoid using non-standard amusement equipment on concrete, asphalt or grass.

l There should be wood chips, rubber surface or sand under and around non-standard amusement equipment.

l Check the space where your child's head may be stuck.

l The length and width of the gap should be less than 3.5 inches or greater than 9 inches.

l Make sure there are guardrails or obstacles on the platform and ramp.

l Secure areas where children may trip, such as tree roots, rocks, and uneven concrete.

l Do not tie ropes, skipping ropes, clotheslines or pet leashes to non-standard amusement equipment.

l Let children take off their bicycle helmets before entering the playground to prevent their heads from getting stuck in non-standard amusement equipment.



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