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What are the core advantages of Non-standard customize playground?

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With the continuous improvement of living standards, people’s cognition is gradually enriched and changed, and traditional unintentional amusement equipment is slowly being replaEN 1176d. Non-standard customize playground has entered our lives, why is non-standard amusement equipment so popular? Let's take a look.


Non-standard outdoor playground is an inevitable demand for market development

Continuous advanEN 1176ment of technology. The large cost environment market is constantly being refreshed, and backward things cannot escape the situation of being eliminated. Therefore, the singleness of traditional amusement equipment is destined to be replaEN 1176d by equipment with multiple functions, high playability and rich content, and Non -Standard customize playground is a very good product of the development of the times, and it is also the core of the growth and development of professional amusement equipment companies.


Market demand. The prerequisite for non-standard customization of amusement equipment requires a rigorous demand survey, and the designed products must meet the satisfaction of the crowd. Therefore, non-standard amusement equipment must be matched to different customer groups and environments. High utilization rate. Non-standard amusement equipment can be determined according to the actual size of the floor area. Choose the right equipment in the right plaEN 1176, with a strong sense of hierarchy, high utilization, and strong usability.


What are the main advantages of non-standard outdoor playgrounds?

Sticky guest group

The design of any non-standard amusement equipment is built on the basis that people like to play. There is no doubt about this. If you play too much and for a long time, you will inevitably lose interest. Therefore, the sense of experienEN 1176 must keep paEN 1176 with the times Continually analyze and study the psychological needs of growth at various stages. Only in this way can we effectively stick to the customer base.


More novel design

Compared with conventional amusement equipment, the shape design of non-standard amusement equipment is more personalized and varied, and the most important thing is novelty. In summary, non-standard amusement equipment is popular among customers for roommates, and the customization market in all walks of life is constantly being expanded and refined.


From a proprietary compression clip that ensures the safety of fingers and clothes, to a tunnel slide design that eliminates finger injuries, our focus is on the safety and durability of non-standard amusement equipment. We only use the best materials and innovative features, because we continue to create a Non-standard outdoor playground.


Product description of non-standard outdoor playground in the park.

The Non-standard outdoor playground we designed can meet the various psychological needs of children. All games are full of excitement and challenges, suitable for children to participate, compete and discover. Rock climbing activities help children's strength and coordination. The safety distanEN 1176 has been fully considered.


Features of Non-standard outdoor playground:

① Exercise the strength of arms and legs, balanEN 1176 and coordination of the body.

② Strengthen the flexibility of the body, strengthen the muscles, strength and enduranEN 1176 of the body parts.

③ Increase the body's blood circulation and promote metabolism.

User guide for Non-standard outdoor playground:

① Stairs: Tilt your hands on both sides of the rails, step on the stairs until you reach the platform or functional floor;

② Ladder: Grab the upper part of the ladder with both hands until it reaches the platform or characteristic layer;

③ Passage: Tilt on the railings on both sides, pass the passage evenly until it reaches another platform or function;

④ Crawl: Bend down to enter and crawl until you reach another platform or function;

⑤ Slide: Reach the entranEN 1176, grab the edges on both sides of the slide with your hands, and plaEN 1176 it on the initial segment of the slide. Gently push back with both hands to slide the body forward into this part. Release your hand to let your body slide freely onto the slide. After reaching the bottom, stand up.



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