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What are the dangers of indoor playground for kids?

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Many parents think their indoor playground is the safest place for their children, like ball pool, playhouse, skywalk, slide,etc. which is usually true. Unfortunately, it is reported that many children are sent to the emergency room every day because of frequent injuries at indoor playground. Because children tend to spend long hours in the playroom, we looked at some of the most common indoor playground dangers and what you can do to try to avoid them.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

l Stuffed toys

l Magnets

l Art and craft

l Small toys and trinkets

l Tips to keep safe in the indoor playground

1.  Stuffed toys

To reduce the risk of suffocation at the indoor playground, don't place these toys where the baby is lying. Babies and toddlers will tear off small objects-such as buttons and eyes-and then try to eat them and get stuck in them, so make sure all toys are safe. Finally, stuffed animals can hide bacteria and bugs. Wash it regularly and put it in the refrigerator overnight to kill small animals such as lice and mites.

2. Magnets

Children who eat small magnets by mistake can be seriously injured. In fact, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends that toys with magnets in the indoor playground should be kept away from children under six. Find these toys in your child's playroom and take them away until your child can safely use them.

3. Art and craft

From Perodot to crayons, glue and paint, most art and craft supplies for children are non-toxic. However, this does not mean that they are completely safe in the indoor playground . If ingested, even non-toxic substances can cause side effects such as diarrhea, headache and nausea. Before your child is old enough to use these materials properly, consider making safer art supplies from scratch.

4. Small toys and trinkets

Asphyxia is the fourth leading cause of accidental death of children under five. A toy small enough to fit into a toilet paper tube or a small object tester poses the greatest danger of suffocation. Toy parts, balloons, and hair clips are common items  in the indoor playground and should be kept out of reach of children until they are at least five years old

5. Tips to keep safe in the indoor playground

  • Scan the area.

Carefully observe the indoor playground area for any potential dangers and report any safety hazards to the operator. Take a safety checklist to avoid the following:

(1) Anchorless equipment that moves with use

(1) Pinch points

(2) Exposed hardware

(3) The gap between a ladder railing or ladder rung is large enough to allow a person's head to pass

(4) Open climbing structure and unsafe platform

(5) Damaged surface drop

(6) Slide, the slide has a steep drop angle

(7) Plexiglas, ropes and cargo webs in need of repair

(8) Unsupervised ball pit

  • The appropriateness of age is important.

Parents have a responsibility to ensure that older children do not play "actively" in the same area as toddlers and infants. Consider whether the space for sports activities is large enough to accommodate all children at the same time. If you have young children, schedule your visit on weekdays, such as in the morning.

  • Ensure supervision.

Don't think that someone will oversee the safe use of the indoor playground and party center.

l Dress safely.

Choose the right clothes, don't slacken and tie your laces. Take out any necklaces and anything that might fall out of your pocket before you take your child to the indoor playground.

  • Talk to your child.

Teach the children how to play safely in the indoor playground , For example, take turns climbing the ladder and get off the slide first.

So after reading the tips, do you have the knowledge of the danger of indoor playground and how to keep your child safe in the indoor playground now?



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