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What are the difficulties of non-standard customize playgrounds?

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The non-standard customize playground, as one of the places where children find happiness and release their nature, provides ample open space for children's games and communication. At the same time, the non-standard customize playground is also an effective place to promote children's continuous growth and learning. Therefore, the design of children's non-standard customize playground is particularly important. A non-standard customize playground that meets children's needs can have varying degrees of impact on children's physiology, mentality, and social interaction.


l What are the difficulties of non-standard customize playgrounds?

l What are the advantages of non-standard customize playgrounds?

l Where can non-standard customize playgrounds be used?


What are the difficulties of non-standard customize playgrounds?

The complexity of the outdoor non-standard equipment itself is increasing. If the use of outdoor non-standard equipment becomes more difficult, it means that more verification links are needed to get the certificate of conformity. The non-standard customize playground has to go through several hurdles before leaving the factory.

Design verification. The non-standard outdoor equipment must take the mechanics, ergonomics, safety and maintenance of the product into account. The design is often subject to design verification, improvement, and then design and verification again.

Production link. There is no production experience of outdoor non-standard equipment in the past, the use of materials can use the existing equipment organization production. Production line staff can be skilled with the existing technology for processing.

Audit link. Although outdoor non-standard equipment can also be used for business, quality supervision departments need laboratory data to support the safety, to issue a certificate of compliance.

Maintenance difficulties. When new outdoor non-standard equipment is introduced to the site to provide services, it is inevitable that it is too complex or designed to be used, causing failures and hidden dangers. Insurance should be purchased to share the risk before the business is opened. A special maintenance team should be organized to check every day to avoid major accidents.


What are the advantages of non-standard customize playgrounds?

Non-standard customize playground is to promote balance training. In addition to the balance training of the vestibular system, there are other balance trainings, such as single-plank bridge, balance tactile board, trampoline, children's expansion amusement park. These non-standard customize playgrounds can exercise children's guts, keenness, and thinking.

It is also very important for non-standard customize playgrounds to promote the development of children's proprioception. Through some difficult challenges, children can master their own limbs more freely.

The non-standard customize playground can promote mental development training. Non-standard customize playground contains blocks of different shapes and colors, which are very helpful for children to explore the characteristics of objects.

Toys of different materials and shapes included in non-standard customize playground are very helpful to the development of children's sense of touch. The sense of touch is not only distributed on the hands, but on the skin.

Non-standard customize playground can benefit the training of the vestibular system. Vestibular training is a very important part of balance. Rotating, shaking, and speed motion modes all require the participation of the vestibular system.

The environment of children's non-standard amusement playground is mostly in bright and distinct without dazzling colors, which are very helpful to children's visual development.


Where can non-standard customize playgrounds be used?

Non-standard outdoor customize playgrounds are not the same, the need to purchase equipment is also different, which has both simple and complex equipment. Non-standard outdoor customize playgrounds are widely used in kindergartens, shopping malls, government procurement projects, community green space and amusement parks. Reminded to purchase according to the use.

Non-standard customize playground can be used in soft playgrounds. Many cities for younger children will launch the outdoor construction of the soft play that one of the necessary non-standard customize playgrounds is outdoor children slide.

Non-standard customize playground can be used in shopping malls. In order to facilitate the purchase of adults, some non-standard customize playgrounds will be placed at the entrance of the shopping malls. The amusement customize equipment are mostly free to play with simple structure and less maintenance.

Non-standard outdoor customize playgrounds can be used in large professional playgrounds. Outdoor customize playgrounds like complex children slide, such as slides connected to trampolines, rock climbing connected to slides, a canoe bridge, and even composite slides. The characteristics of these non-standard outdoor playgrounds are very high cost, long design and manufacturing cycle.


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