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What are the emergency measures for outdoor playground equipment accidents?

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Outdoor playground equipment is a carrier that runs in a specific area and carries tourists. It is generally a combination of mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and other systems. Like all electromechanical products, failures may occur. When failures occur, tourists will panic, be trapped, and other dangerous accidents.


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What are the common faults of Outdoor playground equipment?

About the cause and prevention of outdoor playground equipment failure.

What are the emergency points about outdoor playground equipment?


What are the common faults of outdoor playground equipment?

Outdoor playground equipment items include zigzag forward, extreme impact, time and space pendulum, single-wood dance step, surpassing the world, step by step, space-time tunnel, phoenix dance nine days, survival from the cliff, floating clouds flying across, angel's hand, single step world, zigzag life, cliffs , Water transportation, flat steps, flying swallows, little spiderman, rope climbing, little firefighter, extreme sliding pole, three-dimensional maze, extreme rock climbing and many other game projects, allowing children to learn in adventure and entertaining fun.


Outdoor playground equipment is an outdoor expansion playground equipment based on foreign expansion projects and independently innovated. It is a new and highly comprehensive playground equipment. Outdoor playground equipment is aimed at players who like to drill, climb, slide, roll, sway, and swing. , Jump, shake and other natural designs, mainly suitable for players aged 12-35 who are trying to expand their experience, but players still experience unexpected failures during entertainment, such as:

① Sudden shutdown

② Mechanical fracture

③ Falling from high altitude.


About the cause and prevention of outdoor playground equipment failure.

Outdoor playground equipment is designed according to the characteristics, through scientific three-dimensional combination to form a new-generation activity center integrating amusement, sports, puzzles, and fitness. Outdoor playground equipment is conducive to giving full play to vitality and imagination, while having fun. , The body gets exercise again.


In addition, outdoor playground equipment is also conducive to improving the psychological qualities of being competitive, unwilling to be left behind, courage to expand, and solidarity and mutual assistance, so that players can grow up healthily and happily; at the same time, it is conducive to cultivating children's brave, tough and tenacious personality, exercise speed, strength, and balance , Coordination and other qualities, to achieve the function of strengthening the body, strengthening the brain and improving the intelligence.


However, outdoor playground equipment is mostly composed of several systems, and the causes of failures are complex, mostly caused by improper maintenance or untimely maintenance. Therefore, the prevention of failures focuses on strengthening daily maintenance and regular inspections!


What are the emergency points about outdoor playground equipment?

When visiting outdoor playground equipment, visitors must first carefully read the "Guide to Tourists", follow the explanations of the staff, and master the main points of play. People with high blood pressure and heart disease should not play items that are not suitable for their bodies. Lead minors to take care when playing. effect.


Any outdoor playground equipment has corresponding safety protection devices. In the event of equipment failure, it is the best choice for tourists to remain calm, obey the command, and wait for rescue. It can reduce the severity of the accident and even avoid personal injury accidents.

If you feel unwell or feel unbearable while playing outdoor playground equipment, you should promptly remind the staff to shut down.

When an abnormal situation occurs when the machine is shut down, do not move or disarm the safety device easily. Keep calm, follow the instructions of the staff, and wait for rescue.

In emergencies such as accidental casualties, avoid panic, hoopla, or crowding, and organize evacuation in time.

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