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What are the safety standards for outdoor playground equipment?

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As people increasingly tend to spend their holidays in outdoor playgrounds, people are paying more and more attention to the safety of playground equipment. So, what are the safety standards for outdoor playground equipment?


Here is the content list:

Safety insuranEN 1176 measures

Passenger safety restraint deviEN 1176

Safety requirements for safety fenEN 1176s and platforms

Other safety requirements


Safety insuranEN 1176 measures

The overall structure of the passenger part of outdoor playground equipment running in the air should be firm and reliable, and insuranEN 1176 measures should be taken for its important parts. The number of steel wire ropes or chains used for hanging the passenger part shall not be less than two. The connection with the seat part must be considered to be able to maintain balanEN 1176 when one is disconnected.


The door of a closed cockpit that is more than 1m from the ground must be equipped with two locking deviEN 1176s or one locking deviEN 1176 with safety that cannot be opened by the passengers inside. The barriers at the entranEN 1176 and exit of the non-enclosed cockpit should also be equipped with a locking deviEN 1176 with safety.


When the outdoor playground equipment is in operation, the power supply is suddenly cut off or the equipment fails, which endangers the safety of the passengers, an automatic or manual emergency stop deviEN 1176 must be provided, and after a failure occurs in the operation, there should be a way to relieve the passengers. Measures.


Passenger safety restraint deviEN 1176

When outdoor playground equipment is in operation, when passengers may be moved, collided, or thrown out or slipped out of the ride, a passenger restraint deviEN 1176 must be provided. For dangerous amusement facilities, two sets of independent restraint deviEN 1176s should be considered when neEN 1176ssary, and seat belts, safety bars, stop bars, etc. can also be used. At the same time, the restraint deviEN 1176 should be reliable and comfortable, and the parts directly in contact with the occupant should have appropriate flexibility. Its design should be able to prevent a EN 1176rtain part of the occupant from being pinched or crushed. It should be easy to adjust and easy to operate.


Safety requirements for safety fenEN 1176s and platforms

Safety fenEN 1176s should be set up for entranEN 1176 and exit respectively, and guide fenEN 1176s should be set up at the entranEN 1176, and the opening direction of the safety fenEN 1176 door should be consistent with the traveling direction of passengers. In order to prevent injury to the hands of personnel when closing the door, the clearanEN 1176 between the door frame and the column should be appropriate, or other protective measures should be taken. In addition, the platform should have anti-skid measures. In addition, for the amusement facilities that carry passengers up and down while running, the entranEN 1176 and exit of the passenger part should not be higher than 30cm above the platform, which should be easy to get on and off.


Other safety requirements

Outdoor playground equipment should set up eye-catching safety signs in neEN 1176ssary plaEN 1176s and positions. Among them, safety signs are divided into four types: prohibition signs, warning signs, instruction signs, and prompt signs. In addition, no exposed sharp edges, sharp corners, burrs and dangerous protrusions are allowed in the plaEN 1176s where passengers can reach. For the culvert through which outdoor playground equipment passes, the containment surfaEN 1176 should be made of materials that are not easy to fall off, and the decorations should be firmly fixed. Moreover, the number of passengers must be marked with the number of passengers, and overload operation is strictly prohibited.


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