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What are the specifications for outdoor fitness equipment?

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Outdoor fitness equipment is the equipment and facilities that are installed and fixed outdoors for people to perform fitness exercises and provide convenience for national fitness anytime and anywhere. So, what are the specifications for outdoor fitness equipment?


Here is the content list:




Repair and dismantle



Regarding the procurement of outdoor fitness equipment, first of all, it should be combined with the local public sports facilities construction plan and the needs of the masses, and on the basis of full research and demonstration, a work plan for equipment construction and update should be formulated, and equipment procurement should be organized according to the work plan. In addition, in the procurement process, audits should be strengthened on the production enterprises' integrity performance, production technology level, product quality control and after-sales service capabilities. Moreover, the purchased equipment should comply with GB 19272-2011 "General Requirements for the Safety of Outdoor Fitness Equipment" and other national standards on equipment construction work; if the national standard is updated, the latest standard should be implemented and the equipment quality certification recognized by the country should be passed. Agencys product quality certification.



Equipment should be built in places and venues that are compatible with its model and quantity, daily management is guaranteed, and the use of equipment does not affect the normal life of surrounding residents, and a buffer layer should be laid in accordance with national standards. In addition, the supplier shall set up instruction signs on the equipment, configure information supervision signs such as QR codes in accordance with product certification requirements, and set up warning signs for equipment that may cause personal injury or damage to parts due to improper use. In addition, the equipment after installation should be installed and accepted by the competent department providing the equipment, and the equipment can only be delivered to use after passing the acceptance.



It is necessary to regularly supervise and inspect the equipment quality, equipment installation, and equipment management and maintenance of the equipment built in various places, and publish the inspection results. In addition, the equipment quality certification agency shall carry out equipment quality certification in strict accordance with the national laws and regulations on product certification, strengthen the management of personnel participating in quality audit and certification, and give full play to the supervisory role of the member units of the certification organization in the field of quality certification on-site audit and review. , To publicize the relevant content of equipment quality certification rules, standards, procedures and equipment quality certification reports of certified enterprises, and accept social supervision.


Repair and dismantle

If the outdoor fitness equipment is damaged due to its own quality problems, the equipment receiver should contact the supplier in time, and the supplier will repair or replace it free of charge. The supplier is responsible for repairing the equipment beyond the warranty period, and the cost of repair should be clarified through a tripartite agreement. If the equipment exceeds the safe service life specified by the national standard, it should be scrapped and removed by the equipment receiver; if the equipment within the safe service life is removed, the same number of equipment should be built at the original site or at the selected location.


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