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What are the types of interactive games?

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Interactive floor games empower children to explore the world in a happy and healthy way. In an interactive game environment, kids will amuse themselves for hours through those fun interactive projector games. Usually, you can always get the exact game you want from us, providing a wide range of interactive games for you. In fact, it is pretty easy for owners to get such kind of interactive floor projector games for their indoor playground.


What are the successful features when operating an interactive games?

What are the types of interactive games?

What can interactive games do?


What are the successful features when operating an interactive game?

The principle of an interactive game is to induce the action of players through the induction system, and then analyze and calculate them, so as to execute the relevant game commands. The common interactive games are divided into two aspects according to the nature of the industry and the user habits, namely, the family consumption interactive games and the commercial interactive games.

l Unique geographical location. Whether the geographical location is superior enough, from the starting point, affects the sustainable operation of the interactive games. It is impossible to run an interactive game in a poor location with scarce traffic though the rent pay is much cheaper.

l Effective promotion. The promotion channel should be determined by the consumption habits of the target audience. Is the promotion method of interactive game to choose the advertising of mass media or new guidance methods such as group buying and cross-industry joint operation? The interactive game should target at different groups of potential consumers concerning age, gender, circle, occupation, and consumption type. Targeted publicity is often easier to achieve goals.


What are the types of interactive games?

Interactive game projector makes use of advanced computer vision technology and projection display technology to create a fantasy dynamic interactive experience. In the player’s body contact area, there will have a variety of interactive effects, allowing you to enter a virtual reality integration. The interactive projector games include ripples, collisions, lasers, evasion, and other manifestations. So, the interactive projector game gives the players a totally new interactive experience.

Another type of interactive game is the interactive game ball hit equipment. 3D interactive ball-throwing is the use of real-time video image recognition sensing technology, precisely capture the trajectory of each ball, well-crafted a stimulating fun virtual reality interactive interface. This type of interactive game is very easy to increase the enthusiasm of children and increase lively popularity.

Interactive floor projector can attract children’s attention from other things. Interactive floor games are easy to operate and can be adapted to almost any floor surface. Interactive floor games have an inbuilt ‘play safe’ element that makes it safe and suitable for children.

In the traditional indoor playground, children just play in the sandpit, ball pool, trampoline, tube slide and other structure games. Hence, if you add interactive games to your children indoor playground, it will definitely attract more children and increase popularity.


What can interactive games do?

l Interactive games can play online games like the Internet, and play with friends, family members or people who don't know each other.

l Interactive games have a competitive function that players who like to compete can choose the competitive mode and compete with friends online.

l Interactive games have a fitness function that compared with traditional online games, it is only to move your fingers in front of the computer. The body sense game is controlled by the movement of the body game, so the player in the game at the same time also exercise the body. Interactive projector games are designed with different models for different groups of people. For example, for the elderly, they can choose the slow mode to play like Taiji; for young people, they can choose the fast mode to play like hip hop. This targeted design makes fitness function more prominent.

l Interactive games have an entertainment function that the body sense game cannot be less than the traditional game entertainment function. Rich game mode, colorful picture, and advanced 3D technology are used to bring shocking stereoscopic feeling, which makes players feel in the real world and increases the real sense of the game to achieve the purpose of entertainment in fitness and fitness in entertainment.


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