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What are the types of non-standard customize playgrounds?

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Outdoor sports are of great significance to children, which can make children have a strong physique and healthy mental quality. Outdoor children’s playground is a place for children to find happiness and release their nature. Under the premise of ensuring safety, with its rich colors and abundant amusement facilities, non-standard customize playground provides sufficient open space for children to play and communicate. Only when designers start from the perspective of children and understand their real needs can they correctly open the design mode of outdoor customize playgrounds.


l What are the types of non-standard customize playgrounds?

l What are the successful features when operating a non-standard customize playground?

l How to choose a non-standard customize playground?


What are the types of non-standard customize playgrounds?

Creative swings. Swings are the most common amusement equipment in non-standard outdoor customize playgrounds. Swings help children perceive balance and coordinate the position of their limbs in space. More importantly, this type of non-standard outdoor customize playgrounds can help children’s brains learn to understand speed and direction, which is beneficial to children with perception problems. The more popular ones include bird’s nest swings, special-shaped swings, water curtain swings, net celebrity swings, double parent-child swings, and tree branch swings.

Climbing equipment. Outdoor climbing nets for children are currently very popular non-standard amusement equipment. When children climb, it feels like they are climbing a mountain or a big rock. The safe but adventurous challenge non-standard outdoor playgrounds enable them to learn to overcome difficulties and improve their physical abilities during climbing. At the same time, this type of non-standard outdoor playgrounds also exercises children's physical coordination and anticipation abilities to cultivate their tenacious willpower and self-protection consciousness. The types of outdoor climbing nets include special-shaped climbing nets, climbing high peaks, drilling mazes, rainbow rope nets, rope net drilling combinations, fulcrum climbing, and multi-functional climbing nets.

Colorful wooden stakes. There is no fixed way to play colorful wooden stakes, which is very common in the range of non-standard outdoor playgrounds. Children exert full energy and imagination during the process of playing to have fun and joy, as well as exercising their bodies to get aerobic endurance. This type of non-standard outdoor playground is beneficial to cultivate children's brave, tough, tenacious personality, strength, balance, and physical coordination abilities to achieve the purpose of strengthening the body, the brain and improving the intelligence.




What are the successful features when operating a non-standard customize playground?

Children are the main consumption force no matter in cities or small towns, where there will be non-standard outdoor playgrounds. The demand for non-standard amusement equipment continues to expand, which is developing in a positive and optimistic direction.

l Unique geographical location. Whether the geographical location is superior enough, from the starting point, affects sustainable operation of the non-standard outdoor playgrounds. It is impossible to run a non-standard outdoor playgrounds in a poor location with scarce traffic though the rent pay is much cheaper. Although a superior geographical location can bring a good start to business, this is just the beginning but not the decisive factor.

l Quality service management. The service level of the non-standard outdoor playgrounds directly affects consumers' impression and attitude towards the venue. The service requirements of non-standard outdoor playgrounds should be reflected in several factors. First, service quality should be reliable, effective, credible, and practical. Second, service attitude should be proactive, enthusiastic, patient, meticulous and courteous. Third, service speed should include solving problems quickly, timely, punctual.

l Effective promotion. The promotion channel should be determined by the consumption habits of the target audience. Is the promotion method of non-standard outdoor playgrounds to choose the advertising of mass media or new guidance methods such as group buying and cross-industry joint operation? The non-standard outdoor playgrounds should target at different groups of potential consumers concerning age, gender, circle, occupation, and consumption type. Targeted publicity is often easier to achieve goals.


How to choose a non-standard customize playground?

When it comes to choosing non-standard amusement equipment, you have to talk about the classification of non-standard amusement equipment. According to their functions, non-standard amusement equipment can be divided into inflatable amusement equipment, mechanical amusement equipment, electric amusement equipment, water amusement equipment, electronic amusement equipment and so on. Each type of non-standard amusement equipment contains many different types of equipment. For example, inflatable non-standard amusement equipment includes inflatable trampoline, inflatable slide, and inflatable rock climbing. Mechanical non-standard customize equipment includes carousel, rail train, and spinning bungee jumping. Water non-standard customize equipment includes inflatable pool, bracket pool, and water slide.

If your own venue is indoor, you can plan to make the puzzle area and the electronic entertainment area. Diversified operation and diversified non-standard amusement equipment will make your operating profit higher.

If your venue is outdoor, when choosing non-standard amusement equipment, you should pay attention to whether it moves frequently, whether the bottom can be fixed, and whether there is rain shielding equipment. Like inside a park, outside a supermarket, outside a shopping mall, and in a square, different venues require different equipment. Even some venues will ask for what kind of non-standard amusement equipment they can put.


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