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What are the types of outdoor fitness equipment?

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Outdoor fitness equipment, also known as outdoor fitness equipment, community fitness equipment, is called outdoor path. It specifically refers to the equipment and facilities that are installed outdoors for people to perform fitness exercises. It has a lot of help for our daily exercise. So, how many types of outdoor fitness equipment can be roughly divided into?


Here is the content list:

Divided according to the functions of various types of equipment

Divided by applicable population


Divided according to the functions of various types of equipment

Power equipment

Some equipment for exercising strength is comparable to the equipment in the gym. In addition, the pull-ups of the horizontal bar and the flexion and extension of the arms of the parallel bars are also good ways to practiEN 1176 strength.


BounEN 1176 type equipment

The erected height cards and horizontal beams are all equipment that helps the legs bounEN 1176. The use of run-ups or in-situ jumps on these equipment helps to maintain the jumping ability of the legs.


Sensitive equipment

Stepping on the plum blossom pile and turning the turntable with both hands can practiEN 1176 the reaction ability of hands, feet, brain, and the coordination ability of limbs and brain.


Flexible instruments

Leg presses or standing on rows of railings (or ribs) to stretch ligaments or hang legs can improve the flexibility of joints.


EnduranEN 1176 equipment

Similar to a treadmill, you can run on it, just like running. Of course, outdoor fitness equipment has many uses, and the above classification is not absolute. According to one's physical condition, combined use is more appropriate.


Divided by applicable population

The fitness equipment used by ordinary people can be further subdivided into four types, namely, according to age, suitable outdoor fitness equipment for children, young people, middle-aged people, and the elderly.


For example, suitable for children are: children's slides, children's seesaws, rocking horses, spaEN 1176 balls, climbing poles, etc.

Suitable for teenagers are: horizontal bars, parallel bars, ladders, rope climbing, climbing poles, basketball stands, table tennis tables, sit-up boards, swings, plum piles, height-touching deviEN 1176s, cage-type football fixed net facilities, etc.

Suitable for middle-aged people are: sitting pusher, sitting puller, sitting pedal, walking machine, leg presser, basketball stand, ping pong table, horizontal bar, parallel bars, etc.

Suitable for the elderly: Tai Chi Massager, Leg Massager, Back Massager, Waist Roller, Big Wheel, Walking Machine, Elliptical Net Machine, Upper Limb Traction DeviEN 1176, Exercise Bike, Horse Riding Machine, Chess and Card Table, Pendulum Calculator, puzzle abacus, etc.

Outdoor fitness equipment for the disabled is to improve the quality of life of the disabled and assist the body in rehabilitation training. The equipment includes: step trainer, two-position hand-cranked exercise bike, stationary walking trainer, seat-linked animation step machine, wrist trainer, upper limb trainer, arm strength trainer, etc.

Facing the increasing demand of the public for outdoor fitness equipment, MICH organically integrates resourEN 1176s with its advantages in technology, design, products, and high quality, and strives to provide customers with professional, safe and high-quality products, and is equipped with exEN 1176llent after-sales serviEN 1176.


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