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What are the types of outdoor playground equipment?

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Outdoor playground is a place for children or adults to play freely, and outdoor playground equipment is the soul of the entire playground. According to the classification of structure and sports form, outdoor playground equipment can be divided into eight categories. So, specifically, what types of outdoor playground equipment are there?


Here is the content list:

l Shooting playground equipment

Scooter playground equipment

Gyro playground equipment

Flying tower playground equipment

Racing playground equipment

Self-controlled aircraft playground equipment

Ferris wheel children's amusement facilities and children's amusement equipment

Carousel playground equipment


Shooting playground equipment

Realize the shooting experience in various ways, whether it is live ammunition or simulation. Mainly include amusement gas cannon, live ammunition shooting, simulated shooting, etc.


Scooter playground equipment

Its structural movement is characterized in that the vehicle itself has no power, and after being lifted to a certain height by the lifting device, it runs along the track by inertia; or the vehicle itself has power and runs on an undulating track. It mainly includes roller coasters, crazy mice, gliding dragons, torrents, meniscus rides, mine carts, etc.

Gyro playground equipment

Its structural movement feature is that the cockpit rotates around a variable inclination axis, and the main shaft is mostly installed on a boom that can be raised and lowered. For example top, double flying, brave turntable, flying body by arm, rugby, etc.


Flying tower playground facilities

Its structural movement is characterized by a suspended pod, which moves while lifting and turning, and the pod is hung with flexible parts. Such as: flying tower, air swivel chair, PHS, observation tower, gliding flying wing, frog jump, sounding shuttle, etc.


Racing playground facilities

Its structural movement is characterized by vehicles running along designated routes on the ground. Common ones are: racing cars, small sports cars, and high-speed racing cars.


Self-controlled aircraft playground equipment

Its structural movement characteristics: the passenger part rotates around the central axis and performs lifting motion, and the passenger part is mostly installed on the swing arm.


Such as: self-control plane, self-control flying saucer, goldfish playing in the water, octopus, sea, land and air, wave swing. There are also multi-dimensional amusement machines that lift and swing, such as space-time shuttles and dynamic movie platforms.


Viewing car-type children's playground facilities and children's amusement equipment

The characteristic of the structural movement is that the passenger part rotates or swings around a horizontal axis. Such as: Ferris wheel, windmill, space ship, pirate ship, flying carpet, meteor hammer.


Carousel playground equipment

Structural movement characteristics: The cockpit is installed on a slewing disk or a support arm, and it rotates around a vertical axis or an inclined axis, or it swings slightly while rotating around a vertical axis.


Amusement facilities that the cockpit revolves around a vertical axis or a tilt axis: children's carousel, whirlwind, wave pearls, lotus cups, moon rockets, coffee cups, rolling cabins, celestial balls, small planes (cabins do not rise and fall), Dumbo (The cockpit does not lift) and various small rotary amusement machines for children to play. While rotating around the vertical axis, there are amusement facilities that swing slightly: aerospace vehicles, big caterpillars, big apple machines, etc.


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