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What are the types of outdoor playground equipment?

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Outdoor playground equipment refers to a carrier used for business purposes, running in a closed area, and carrying tourists amusement. With the development of scienEN 1176 and the progress of society, modern outdoor playground equipment makes full use of advanEN 1176d technologies such as machinery, electricity, light, sound, water, and power. It integrates knowledge, interest, scienEN 1176, and adventure, and is popular among teenagers and children. Outdoor playground equipment has played an active role in enriching people's entertainment life, exercising people's physique, cultivating people's sentiment, and beautifying the urban environment.


Here is the content list:

  • What types of outdoor playground equipment can be divided into?

  • Regarding the use of outdoor playground equipment.

  • Regarding the operating specifications of outdoor playground equipment.


1. What types of outdoor playground equipment can be divided into?

Outdoor playground equipment is a mechanical facility for tourists to play. Outdoor playground equipment can be divided into three types: large amusement equipment, medium amusement equipment and small amusement equipment.Outdoor playground equipment is specifically divided into carousel amusement equipment, rotating airplane amusement equipment, rail train amusement equipment, water amusement equipment, naughty castle amusement equipment, trampoline swing amusement equipment, battery car amusement equipment, bumper car amusement equipment , Gyro flying tower amusement equipment, overhead tourist vehicle amusement equipment, pirate ship amusement equipment, inflatable castle amusement equipment and unpowered outdoor playground equipment, etc.


  • Large outdoor playground equipment

| Simple Carousel| Luxury Carousel| Laser Chariot| Great Western Train| Rail Train| Lift Plane| Self-Controlled Plane| Hydraulic Plane| Bumper Car| Pirate Ship| Crazy Car Flying| Ferris Wheel| Roller Coaster| Arabian Flying Carpet| Ferris Wheel| Three-dimensional spaEN 1176 ring | Flying high in the sky | Land and water wars | Parrot dancing


  • l Small and medium outdoor playground equipment

| Swing machine | Swing | Seesaw | Rotating class | Small train | Animal cart | Robot cart | Electric toy | Battery cart | Children's battery cart | Inflatable battery cart | Monkey cart | Monkey car lift | Zhuge horse | Bungee safety buckle | Combined slide


  • l Inflatable Toys

| Inflatable castle | Inflatable slide | Inflatable trampoline | Inflatable arch | Inflatable bungee jumping | SpaEN 1176 battle city | Inflatable cartoon | Sky danEN 1176r | Inflatable obstacle | Falling earth | Rainbow door | Inflatable battery car | Advertising inflatable | Inflatable pool


  • l Outdoor playground equipment

| Water roller | Water battery boat | Inflatable swimming pool | Inflatable pool | Water walking ball | Zoological ball | Rafting boat | Kayak | Hand boat | Water bicycle | Electric boat | Pedal boat | Yacht


  • Electronic game machine

| Ding Dang Hammer | Shooting Cockroaches | Hearing Calls | Shelling Magic Balls | Basketball Machines | Ducklings Playing in the Water | Monkey Climbing Trees | Laser Shooting | Carnival Amusement Machine | Electronic Salute | Fighting Machine | Shock Cannon Amusement Machine


  • Small preschool

| Combined slide | Swing | Slide | Small castle | Tunnel | Basketball hoop | Game ball pool | Outdoor slide | Rocking music | Swivel chair | Rock climbing | Software class | Floor mats | Montessori education | Sensory training | Magnetic teaching aids


2. Regarding the use of outdoor playground equipment.

(1) Small playgrounds, parks, squares, shopping malls and supermarkets, cultural festivals, temple fairs, baby products exhibitions, sEN 1176nic spots, food festivals, beach cultural festivals, large communities, and kindergartens.

(2) Large playground, mobile water park, animation water world, fifth-generation culture + technology theme park, animation chongguan carnival, animation element theme park


3. Regarding the operating specifications of outdoor playground equipment.

The latest outdoor playground equipment safety standard is the GB8408 "Safety Code for Amusement Facilities" implemented on August 1, 2008. The operating specifications of outdoor playground equipment canEN 1176led many lag clauses and added many new requirements. The main changes are reflected in five aspects:


  • For outdoor playground equipment of sliding type, such as "roller coaster", the acEN 1176leration allowable value is increased. This is because when the "roller coaster" desEN 1176nds from the highest point to the lowest point, the speed is very fast and the acEN 1176leration is great. In order to prevent the passengers from being injured, the acEN 1176leration should be limited within a EN 1176rtain range.

  • Various loads have been added, such as wind loads, because when the wind is above level 6, its own speed plus the impact forEN 1176, the passengers may be thrown out, which is very dangerous, and the outdoor playground equipment must be stopped.

  • The safety factor has been adjusted and reduEN 1176d. Originally a common material can meet the safety requirements, there is no need to use special materials. In the past, the safety factor was set too high, resulting in waste of materials and increased costs.

  • Added new requirements for safety assessment and safety analysis.

  • Added safety standards for outdoor playground equipment on the water.



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