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What can interactive games do in children’s development?

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Joy is a powerful antidote to stress. Kids experience the pressures of stress if they feel they don’t fit in with their peers or don’t take the time to relax or play after a long day of learning. That is why interactive games can be popular. Interactive games are proved that they can reduce anxiety. There’s a closer link between interactive games and child mental health than you might realize. Interactive games can be the stage for encouraging kids to take the steps toward a healthy and well-balanced life.


What can interactive games do in children’s development?

What is the working principle of interactive games?

What should be paid attention to when using interactive games?


What can interactive games do in children’s development?

Interactive games can promote positive feelings. Interactive game isn’t merely a chance for kids to relax. Research on children’s play shows that a non-standard outdoor playground has numerous benefits, which the most obvious being that it promotes positive feelings. Kids tend to be happier and feel better about themselves. This increase in positivity has shown to reduce the occurrence of undesirable behaviors, such as bullying.

Non-standard outdoor playground allows kids to self-regulate and learn to deal with the gamut of emotions, including anger and frustration. Non-standard outdoor playground also helps kids be more resilient as schoolyard games and interactions let them become more emotionally aware, able to cope with stress and disappointment and manage challenges.

Non-standard outdoor playground allows kids to socialize according to their rules. They learn how to interact with others, make friends and maintain those friendships. Play has shown to increase emotional attachments in kids, since it helps them develop their social competence. And they do so with the help of a healthy brain.

Secure relationships are also crucial for kids’ long-term mental health. Kids living in dysfunctional homes especially benefit from secure relationships developed from non-standard outdoor playground.


What is the working principle of interactive games?

Interactive game employs state of the art technology to track body movements and gestures. The revolutionary system of interactive game has kids interacting with audio visual effects that create a whole new world of play and entertainment.

Interactive games take the standard projector and throw in some sensors to track movements and add them to the image. Interactive game increases your ability to collaborate as the projection image allows multiple collaborators to add notes, suggestions and feedback.

There are two different kinds of technology used in interactive games, infrared and DLP, though DLP is the most common.

Infrared interactive game utilizes a special camera, separate from the projection lens, to track the movements of a special pen. Infrared light is transmitted to the camera when the pen makes contact with the projection surface and the movement is recorded just like with a wireless computer mouse.

DLP interactive games emit a special pattern into the image that is projected. This pattern appears on the screen so quickly that the human eye can’t detect it. The interactive pen “sees” the pattern and relays the data back to the projector, where your movements are reflected back onto the surface.


What should be paid attention to when using interactive games?

Pay attention to the safety inspection mark of interactive games. In accordance with national regulations, the regular inspection cycle of in-use interactive games is one year. For an interactive game that has passed the safety inspection, the safety inspection mark shall be issued by the quality and technical supervision department and attached to the interactive games.

Toddlers must be accompanied by their parents. They are not allowed to scramble on the interactive games alone. Follow the instructions of the service staff. Passengers get on and off according to the order of the staff.

Pay attention to fasten your seat belts. Do not grab your seat belts before the interactive game has stopped. Check whether it is safe and reliable. Please hold the safety handles or other safety devices with both hands during operation.

Device size. The interactive games are large and small, which are divided into different models and suitable for different venue areas. There are three models of interactive games, namely, large, medium and small. Consider budget and site size. It is impossible for a site to have only one kind of equipment, so be sure to plan well. What should be paid attention to when custom interactive games, the site area and budget should be clear.


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