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What can parkour teach us?

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Running, jumping, climbing, tumbling and a number of other methods can be utilised, which appeal not only to you but also to those around you. The aim of all this is to never be hindered by an obstacle, be it a wall, a barred window, a fence, a tree, a rock, a means of transport, a trench, etc.

Risk is everywhere and we have nowhere to run. But we can learn to manage the danger properly and minimise it. The dangers involved in Parkour are therefore considerable and all Traceurs must first be professionally trained before taking part in this sport. Professional training means that the most important thing is not to practice, but to understand what the sport is really about, and at the same time to understand what it is not about. It's not about a nice leap or a jump from a great height for the sake of spectacle or attention, Parkour is not about running around on rooftops or other death-defying stunts, and anyone who thinks so has completely misunderstood what Parkour is about.


l The meaning of Parkour:

l The essentials of parkour:


The meaning of Parkour:

Parkour teaches one how to overcome one's fears and strengthen the ability to overcome difficulties. It is in breaking through obstacles and difficulties that one improves oneself, and if you are proficient in Parkour, you will get even more!

Parkour is bound to be a future trend in youth fitness for all. With the advancement of technology and material life, people's physical fitness is declining significantly. And the sports and fitness industry is making a big deal out of the sub-health of all young people in all corners of the city. Parkour is really a "zero" cost sport in the face of high cost trendy sports such as yoga, skateboarding, golf, equestrian, gym and cycling. All you need is a pair of professional parkour shoes, a proper fitness plan, a proper diet and a young heart. Then you're ready to go!


The essentials of parkour:

Parkour is the refinement of one's movement skills, with grace, control, efficiency and self-expression. Parkour also depends on the development and improvement of physical fitness, being strong, fast and efficient: in short, being healthy. This means training with one thing in mind: to work on your physique as much as possible and to be more effective in avoiding the consequences of injury. Weighing up the pros and cons, assessing crises and using effective techniques to get through an obstacle more safely, the goal of all Traceur is to be able to move freely. The environment is not the focus, the focus is on mastering superbly the relationship between your body and the environment.


So the most important thing is to see the truth. And not just the moves that either make a fool of yourself or make a fool of yourself. Don't be fooled by what you see in the movies or on TV - almost all of those moves require a great deal of safety and protection, and mastery comes only from rigorous practice and a constant refinement of the basics. There are no shortcuts no secrets. Look for the right instruction wherever you can, take care to learn and communicate, and train with more experienced people whenever possible so that you can get good information and advice from time to time.

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