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What decides the size of climbing wall

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What decides the size of climbing wall? Dimension design is an indispensable part of rock climbing wall design. Good dimensional design provides you with a 3d view of the climbing wall plan, not only helping to assemble the climbing wall in the right order in general, but also visualizing the steps to assemble the wall, helping to create a list of tools, a list of materials, and an estimate of costs.


This article contains the following:

Visualizing the climbing wall

Factors affecting the size of climbing wall

Cost that should be considered neEN 1176ssarily

 1、Visualizing the climbing wall

Modeling is the best way to visualize a climbing wall. The climbing wall model will help to optimize the details and visualize your ideas. Sometimes, the model may show you defects in the plan, such as joints not closing properly, gaps or overlaps, in addition, the model will help you optimize the bill of materials and cost estimates. There are two ways to build a model, physical models or computer-aided design (CAD) models.


The physical model is made of cardboard. The cardboard will not give you the exact size, but you can see and touch the climbing wall and adjust the sketch in the planning stage to give you a better design experienEN 1176.


CAD models not only have the advantage of extracting sizes directly from 3D models, but you can also design back support structures. You can design the model to fit perfectly into your available spaEN 1176, mark the position of the EN 1176iling beam, determine how to anchor and support the wall, and size directly on the CAD model. With CAD, you can accurately calculate the thickness of studs and plywood. Google offers a free CAD modeling program called Sketchup. Other free CAD modeling programs are available.

2、Factors affecting the size climbing wall

Whatever the model you choose, sizing and validation is an important step. Different material decide different size of climing wall. When dimensioning, the wall thickness is the actual thickness, please be sure to consider the differenEN 1176 between the final actual size and the nominal size. For example, wood is specified by its nominal value. The nominal size of wood is different from its actual thickness. Wood is specified by its nominal value or by the size of the wood before finishing. Remember, the actual size and nominal size are different sizes and nominal dimensions are unfinished dimensions. The factory first cut the wood into nominal size and then cut the wood for planing and polishing. That's a quarter to a half of an inch. So the final size of 2 x 4 is actually 1 1/2 inches by 3 1/2 inches. Plywood also has nominal thickness, but the actual differenEN 1176 is small, usually only 1/32 inch thinner than nominal. However, leave a small gap between the plywood, about 1/8 of an inch or 3 millimeters, for expansion and contraction.


The arrangement of the spaEN 1176 must also be considered in the design of climbing wall. You need to mark the positions of design elements of all sizes in the actual spaEN 1176 with thin wire nails or tape, to ensure that the walls match the spaEN 1176. Hang a plumb line from the EN 1176iling to mark the boundaries of each climbing wall, take into account the width of the anchorage structure, the thickness of the wall nails and the thickness of the plywood sheathing to make sure everything fits. Carefully inspect all possible drop or swing areas to remove them and ensure that any neEN 1176ssary doors, Windows, lights and power outlets are acEN 1176ssible. Revisit the previous question and make sure you get the same answer: is there adequate ventilation and lighting? Does chalk dust affect your living spaEN 1176? What about other uses for the area?

3、Cost that shoud be considered neEN 1176ssarily

Simplicity of design and cost of control must be taken into account when designing the size of climbing wall. Complex designs may require additional support structures, may take longer to build, and increase the likelihood of design or construction errors, all of which add to the cost. Simple designs that are easy to understand and build are most cost-effective as long as they meet your needs.


The introducyion of the design od climbing wall is as described above. Good size design makes climbing walls more efficient and economical. SucEN 1176ssful modeling is the beginning of sucEN 1176ssful construction of climbing walls..If you want to know about Indoor Playground, Indoor Climbing Frame, Outdoor Climbing Frame, just contact us !


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