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What is indoor playground?

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Indoor playground is a typical recreational activity place which often opened during weekend. In addition to families who come here to rest while the children are playing, it's usually possible to organize children's parties here and welcome schools and other groups. This article is about what a indoor playground like.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

General knowledge about indoor playground

The structure of indoor playground

1.  General knowledge about indoor playground

Indoor playground, also called indoor game center, is a sports field located in an indoor environment. They are specially designed for kids and have fun. When children fall or bounce, soft structures and play equipment are wrapped in soft foam to absorb shock. Therefore, indoor playgrounds are generally safer than outdoor playgrounds.

The indoor playground originated in the United States in the 1990s and enjoys a high reputation worldwide. Today, it has evolved from a simple indoor climbing frame to a complex children's play center, including multiple play areas for children of different ages. In addition to ticket sales, the income of indoor playgrounds also comes from a variety of sources for children's entertainment and services, such as: entertainment parties, gift sales, children's crafts, and drinks.

2. The structure of indoor playground

Indoor playgrounds vary widely in size and game function. A small indoor playground may be primarily a soft play structure, while a large indoor playground, sometimes part of a family entertainment center, can span over 1,000 square meters and includes the following:

Indoor play structure

Traditional indoor play structures, often called soft play areas or indoor climbing frames, are indispensable for any indoor playground. They can be as simple as a small soft game structure with basic game events, such as a slide and a ball pool, or a complex multi-layer game system that includes hundreds of game events and custom themed elements.

Interactive soft play structure

Unlike traditional static soft games, interactive soft game devices are equipped with electronic components such as motors, LED lights, speakers, and sensors to provide greater interactivity and a more engaging gaming experience. It is also known as electronic soft games .

Ball blaster area

Ball cannon, also known as ball city or ball battle, is a separate play area with many guns, cannons, and other game equipment installed to launch foam balls. Ball cannons are more appealing to children aged 6-12 than any other gaming device. The indoor playground has a ball burst energy zone that requires higher attendance and receives more return visits.

Toddler area

The toddler area is equipped with children's favorite game equipment, such as ball pools, soft toys, game boards, large blocks, ball pools, pretend play games for toddlers, and other toys for pretend play in a indoor playground. Some electric soft gaming devices are also great for children's areas.

Art area

In the field of arts and crafts, children can learn to create their own DIY art works, such as modeling clay and mosaic art. These activities are very beneficial to the development of children, so they are loved by children and parents. For indoor playgrounds, the arts and crafts area can contribute a surprisingly large portion of income and profits. The arts and crafts area is usually located outside the playground to keep quiet and convenient.

Game area

Large indoor playgrounds and home entertainment centers usually have an arcade game for children outside the main play area, which may include children's rides, voucher games, and other arcade games for children under 12.

Party room

Birthday parties, holiday parties, and special event parties are all good sources of income and a great way to promote the indoor playground business. If your game center has enough space, a beautifully decorated party room will attract many customers to host their Party.

Vending area

Indoor playgrounds and home entertainment centers are the best place to sell gifts and toys. Cheap items like key chains and plush toys under $ 20 or $ 10 sell well in playgrounds of all sizes.

Cafe area

When children are consuming their excess energy or focusing on their manual work, parents can rest and have a coffee or snack in the coffee area.


So, that is all about a indoor playground, why don’t you take your children there and have a try? We also provide Ball Pool, Playhouse, Skywalk, contact us to know more.


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