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What is kids outdoor climbing frame with slides?

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It is known that climbing frames and climbing apparatus have been around for a long time. You may remember the old metal frames in parks years ago which differ greatly from the beautifully crafted wooden, metal and crazy masterpieces we see today. Climbing whether it be on a climbing frame or even just climbing a ladder, tree or perhaps the stairs (if your child is younger) can be very beneficial to your child.

The article contains following:

1,How Much Space Do I Need for a Climbing Frame?

2,What is benefit of the climbing frame

3,Why is the climbing frame fun

1,How Much Space Do I Need for a Climbing Frame?

This will obviously depend on the size of the climbing frame in question. With enough diligent shopping, you should be able to find suitable climbing frames for small gardens and larger gardens. However, there are a few constants to take into consideration, not least of which is the amount of space to leave around the frame. Adequate preparation is very much your friend here, as once the climbing frame has been assembled, moving it can pose a significant challenge. Basically, you’re going to want to get it right first time!


First, whether your budget and space allows for a small space climbing frame or a gigantic, modular behemoth, assure that there is at least 1.5m of space surrounding the perimeter of the final build. This is especially important if the frame is equipped with a swing set, but even if you’ve opted for a model with just a simple frame and a slide, your kids deserve adequate space to run around safely. You should also try to keep it clear of any pathways, as not only are pathways generally harder (and more prone to scrape knees and leave nasty bruises), but you’re going to want to avoid any potential collisions. If possible, also try building your climbing frame on a level surface and (if your budget can stretch to it) laying down some safety surfacing (rubber mats preferably, but bark should suffice) to cushion the impact of any potential trips, falls or pushes.

2,What is benefit of the climbing frame

Climbing is something which some children begin to master early on. It may begin with the self-appointed mission to climb the stairs or climb onto the couch from the floor. It is something instinctive that children do and it is all part of their development and growth. Climbing allows children to improve their coordination and motor skills. This can be through improved fitness levels, spatial and directional awareness as well as balance and agility. The methods used in climbing can help a child’s cognitive development through problem solving, memory and the feelings of fear and motivation often experienced through climbing also have great benefits to children. Adding a climbing frame for them to practice their skills on will also save the inevitable wear and tear on your garden furniture!

3,Why is the climbing frame fun

As well as being a challenge climbing can be fun – the relief and joy that is felt after scaling a climbing frame tower can be heightened by the freedom of sliding down a slide to reach the bottom again. Wooden climbing frames are perfect for homes as they have a natural finish and will not make your garden look like it has been attacked by brightly coloured plastic items. There is nothing worse than relaxing in your lovely garden being surrounded by plastic brightly coloured objects (for most people anyway). Climbing frames can incorporate climbing, sliding, swinging – perhaps even monkey bars for the slightly older child who require even more of a challenge.

If buying a new climbing frame is slightly out of your financial reach, then there are other options. Accessories such as slides and wings can be acquired for very little and you may want to utilise trees in your back yard to make something fun for your children to climb on or up. Climbing nets, ladders and wooden rungs are all elements that can be added for very little. We also provide Outdoor Fitness Equipment, Outdoor Non-Standarder, contact us now!  


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