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What is non-standarder outdooor playground?

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Now, outdoor non standard investment has been a tendency, and outdoor non standard playground equipment enjoys great popularity of investors.

Outdoor non standard customizated amusement project is a trend in future's children's amusement industry development. It can be better blent into the whole children's amusement industry according to themes and interactions. Unlike the traditional playground equipment, which is monotonous with just one slide. The advantage of non standard customizated amusement equipment is that it can be combined with geography perfectly, and children can experience happiness at any place.

The article contains following:

1,What is its composition structure?

2,What are its benefits for children?

3,How to choose the most practical one?



1,What is its composition structure

With our Design Your Own feature, easily build your own swing set and make your dreams a reality. This fully customizable process leaves each step of the designing phase up to you and your children. We take your family’s unique design and create exactly what you’ve been hoping for in a custom play set structure, with free delivery. Start with multiple towers, then add or omit any features you’d like. Do you want two wave slides and a rock wall? No problem! No matter what features you choose for your family, you receive the same high-quality safety components, including splinter-free redwood construction, 4x4 support beams, casted steel connectors, heavy-duty bolts and hand-sanded surfaces. With hundreds of different combinations possible, you can create the perfect play set customized to your family and backyard. Our easy to use, fully customizable, swing set designer equipped with helpful guidance along the way makes having your dream swing set easier than ever before- give it a try!

This the customize outdooor playground by yourself,however,there are the customize outdooor playground by us ,its composition structure usually has plastic slide, slide, 2-wave slide, 3-wave slide, tube slide, rope net, jungle gym, playground maze, ball pit can all be included.It has customize outdooor play house for your own need.


2,What are its benefits for children?

Nowadays, children’s outdoor playgrounds are becoming more and more comprehensive. From simple play functions, to later entertaining and entertaining, to the present day to cultivate children’s self-confidence and improve their physical fitness, children’s outdoor playgrounds are no longer simple children's entertainment center, it carries more social responsibilities. Regarding the level of children’s education, most adults choose to go with the flow, which reflects parents’ educational concepts are constantly being updated. Parents realize that children can grow up freely only in an environment that goes with the flow, indicating the environment of family education Gradually becoming more relaxed, parents’ educational expectations also tend to be rational

Children’s outdoor entertainment facilities are conducive to children’s full use of activity and imagination, while having fun and happiness, the body gets aerobic endurance exercise, which is conducive to cultivating children's brave, tough and tenacious personality, exercise speed, strength, balance, and coordination And other qualities, to achieve the purpose of strengthening the body, strengthening the brain and improving the intelligence. Common outdoor entertainment facilities for children include: large drilling nets, theme modeling equipment, large crawling nets, trampolines, stainless steel slides, sand pool playgrounds, jungle leap, physical development, etc.


3,How to choose the most practical one?

Many manufacturers treat children's outdoor entertainment facilities from the perspective of adults, but they have no idea what kind of children's outdoor entertainment facilities and outdoor entertainment facilities their children like. Good product designers always carry out product design with "child-like fairy tales" when designing children's outdoor amusement facilities, rather than focusing on cost-saving amusement facilities design, which many manufacturers cannot do. Therefore, when choosing, be sure to choose products with high playability in amusement facilities, and avoid blindly choosing products with beautiful appearance. We also provide Mobile Play Center, Ninja Course.


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