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What is outdoor fitness equipment?

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Outdoor fitness equipment also has a professional name, outdoor path, which is equipment and facilities that are installed and fixed outdoors for people to perform fitness exercises. Outdoor fitness equipment provides convenience for national fitness anytime and anywhere. Some strength-building equipment can be compared with the equipment in the gym. But also pay attention to scientific use, otherwise it will be counterproductive. You can exercise while avoiding harm. The best of both worlds can be achieved to achieve the goal of fitness.


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Features and functions


Types of outdoor fitness equipment


Features and functions

The equipment setting in outdoor fitness equipment is aimed at the general public, and its universality makes it simple, easy to learn, and quick to take effect. But it is a device after all. It is necessary to master the basic essentials of operation. When exercising, do it step by step, and do not try to be aggressive and competitive, so as to achieve the harmonious unity of the human body and the device. In this way, sports injuries caused by blind operations can be effectively avoided. The use of these devices can help people treat biomechanical diseases, energy excess diseases, and neurological and mental diseases.



The national standard of "General Safety Requirements for Fitness Paths of Fitness Equipment" has been approved by experts in Beijing. The shape, structural design, static load capacity, stability, safety warnings, equipment installation and site requirements, electrical safety, etc. of the "fitness path" The aspect stipulates clear standards to ensure safe use. The current implementation of the national standard is: GB19272-2011, and the safe service life of the equipment is 8 years.

According to the functions of various equipment, we divide the sports equipment in the community "fitness path" into five types.



Types of outdoor fitness equipment

Power equipment

Some strength-building equipment can be compared with the equipment in the gym. In addition, the pull-ups of the horizontal bar and the flexion and extension of the arms of the parallel bars are also good ways to practice strength.


Bounce type equipment

The erected height cards and the horizontal beams are all equipment that helps the legs bounce. The use of run-ups or in-situ jumps on these equipment helps to maintain the jumping ability of the legs.


Sensitive equipment

Step on the plum blossom pile and turn the turntable with both hands to practice the reaction ability of hands, feet, brain, and coordination of limbs and brain.


Flexible instruments

Leg presses or standing on rows of railings (or ribs) to stretch ligaments or hang legs can improve the flexibility of joints.


Endurance equipment

Similar to a treadmill, you can run on it, just like running. Of course, outdoor fitness equipment has many uses, and the above classification is not absolute. According to one's physical condition, combined use is more appropriate.


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