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What is outdoor parkour?

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Outdoor parkour, also known as free running, is a type of training designed by the French military that utilizes obstacle courses. These obstacles require extreme focus and a can-do attitude and make heavy use of physical abilities such as running, jumping, swinging, rolling, and even climbing. It's a fun and exciting workout that anyone can enjoy. Outdoor parkour is a fashion extreme sport that is popular all over the world nowadays. It uses the environment of daily life as the sports venue and relies on its physical ability to quickly, effectively, and reliably control any known and unknown environment. It is also a philosophy of exploring human potential and stimulating the limits of body and mind.

Here is the content list:

  • Self-management and exercise

  • Keep challenging yourself

Outdoor parkour

Self-management and exercise

Outdoor parkour has just started in China, and its general development direction is similar to that of other extreme sports in the past. The means of social promotion are mainly competitions and performances. The main crowd of Parkour’s obstacle is young people in their 20s. Outdoor parkour is not just about making a fool of yourself or showing off. It comes from thorough self-management and continuous exercise. There are no shortcuts or secrets. In their eyes, outdoor parkour is not only a sport, but also a culture, a philosophy, and a thought. And in today's society full of personalities, everyone will have a unique understanding of the sport. They felt that the common ground they found was facing life and the challenges of life, actively facing difficulties in life, and facing real life with a positive attitude.

Keep challenging yourself

Whether you're in the city or the countryside, Parkour’s obstacle challenges you to face whatever obstacle comes your way and "challenge it". It takes a combination of flexibility and control. Outdoor parkour sports equipment is very simple, a T-shirt, a pair of light running shoes, and a pair of sports pants. When exercising, your body feels like you are in a cockpit, and you suddenly find that you can control your body which soars into the air in an instant. Running, jumping, climbing, rolling and other methods can be used, outdoor parkour not only attracts you but also attracts those around you. The purpose of all this is to never be hindered by obstacles, whether it be walls, bars, fences, trees, rocks, vehicles, ditches, etc. For outdoor parkour, it is mainly for people with better physical fitness. If we have a leg strain or sprain, we should stop exercising at this time, and if we have a problem with leg injuries,we are prone to inconvenient mobility at this time. Naturally, there is no way to carry out outdoor parkour exercises at this time.

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