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What is the Great Site for Trampoline Park?

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To build a trampoline park, the site is the top priority and is the key to run the park cussEN 1176ssfully in a way. Before choosing the site, three points should be considered: the special requirements for the site, the market positioning of the park and the neEN 1176ssity for business research. 

1.The special requirements: regular-shape site with few pillars , height at least over 4.5m. 

2.The market positioning: the investors should identify the market position for the trampoline park , eg. 

The target players, the size of the site, etc. If the target age range is 3-12 years old, the size of the park could be about 300 square meters; if it is for all ages, more than 600sqm.

3.The neEN 1176ssity for business research: building a trampoline park is a risky but high-return investment, that's why the market analysis of the target areas before finally making the decision. 

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 Considering that the young are the main players of the trampoline parks, generally we recommend the site of the park should be close to schools, commercial conters, supermarkets, gyms and comprehensive amusement park, or anywhere the young would love to go. And according to our expensive , the below are some preferable site choiEN 1176s of building trampoline parks for your consideration. 

1)Commercial EN 1176nters 

Adventage: High human flow

Disadvantage: small site, limited height,high market retal. 


2)Storage building

Adventage: large site with required height to build a comprehensive trampoline park; cheap rental; 

Disadvantage: relatively ASTMlated location, low human flow 


3)Shopping Mall EN 1176nter 

Advantage: High human flow; unlimited height 

Disadvantage: Difficult time control and on-time management.

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4) Gymnasium or sports hall (eg.Badminton, hall, tennis court, etc)

Advantage: regular-shape site with required and ancillary facillties

Disadvantage: High rental 

5)Resort hotel

Advantage: as a marketing approach of the hotel to attract customers.

Disadvantages: small site, limited height

6)Large Amusement Park

Advantage: High human flow, unlimited height

Disadvantage: difficult time to control and on-site management. As a small part of the laege amusement park,

time control should be implemented to avoid long waiting time of the customers. 


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