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What is the advantages of climbing wall over outside rock climbing

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What is the advantage of climbing wall over outside rock climbing? Rock climbing has the laute of "rock wall ballet", "artistic gymnastics on the cliff", etc., derived from mountaineering, it is rich in strong skills, adventure, is an important item in the extreme sports. In order to let more people enjoy climbing, indoor climbing wall came into being.


This article contains the following:

The advantages of indoor climbing wall

How to select a suitable climbing form

Correct choice for kids

1、The advantages of indoor climbing wall

Indoor climbing wall is to climb artificially designed walls of varying heights and difficulties (usually 6-8 meters high) with many rock points of different sizes, for people to use their limbs with the help of the position of the rock points, hand climbing and foot climbing, to complete the climbing experience. As soon as it appeared, indoor rock climbing was loved by people. Some middle and primary school students even included it in their physical training courses. The difficulty of indoor climbing wall can be directly controlled by people. Rock walls are also divided into artificial and natural rock walls. An artificial wall is a simulated wall of man-made rock points and routes. Can be in the indoor and outdoor climbing technique training, the degree of difficulty can be controlled at will, training time is relatively flexible, but the height and sense of reality is limited. Natural rock wall is a natural cliff formed during the crustal movement, which gives people a sense of reality and a strong challenge. You can choose the rock wall, the climbing route and the climbing site by yourself, and the natural rock wall has a variety of routes, such as convex table, recess, crack, elevation Angle, etc., so that you can experience the sense of accomplishment of conquering. Customized climbing walls include bouldering, top rope climbing and other types. You can choose the soft, hard and smooth degree according to your own level. The great controllability makes indoor climbing more safe and reliable.

2、How to select a suitable climbing form

There is no doubt that rock climbing is an extreme sport. It is risky but not dangerous. People who are involved in rock climbing need to face the risks of rock climbing, understand the types of rock climbing, and then "step by step" is the wise decision. As a rock climbing fan, no matter what age, as long as you still have the courage to face the challenge, you can go to try rock climbing to challenge yourself and blend in with nature. For children and inexperienced beginners, indoor climbing walls are safer and more manageable, and trainers can provide timely support and guidance, making them a better choice. Of course, if you are an experienced, well-equipped and well-prepared person, outdoor rock climbing is a journey full of surprises, which not only brings you the sense of achievement in conquering nature, but also enables you to experience the magnificence and wonder of nature. For climbers who like to experience nature but are afraid of their own inadequacy, don't worry, the gym also offers the option of customizing a simulated rock climbing wall to give you a different experience.


3、Correct choice for kids

Both indoor and outdoor climbing options are beneficial. Indoor climbing walls is great for kids because it provides a more controlled environment for them to start learning skills. But climbing outdoors gives them a chance to interact with nature and connect with the environment at different levels. Mary suggests starting indoors and then working to build the necessary skills and confidence to achieve the outdoor climb. "Personally, I'd rather start inside. Children can better see where their hands and legs are placed, the slopes and grips on the walls of indoor climbing gyms are often color-coded, or modeled as animals and other attractive shapes. In addition, children are under more supervision, and gyms often have climbing corners, so it's easier for kids to combine climbing and playing."


Climbing is a gradual process. As climbing becomes more and more common today, rock climbing is not only a place to challenge yourself, but also a social stage to test teamwork. For home, school, or corporate teams, an indoor climbing wall for most people is definitely a more popular option.If you want to know about Indoor Playground, Indoor Climbing Frame, Outdoor Climbing Frame, just contact us !


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