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What is the common outdoor fitness equipment in the community?

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Outdoor fitness equipment is the sporting goods we often see in communities and squares. Its appearance allows people to exercise in front of their homes and exercise regularly. It combines entertainment and fitness, allowing the concept of fitness to be integrated into most people's lives. So, what are the common outdoor fitness equipment?


Here is the content list:


Fitness riding machine

Abdominal muscle plate


Waist turner

Tai Chi Push Plate



Spacewalker is one of the more popular outdoor fitness equipment. Its use method is very simple. Just hold the handle with both hands, step on the pedal, and then swing back and forth alternately, just like walking in space. It's okay. The space walker can exercise the flexibility of the lower limb muscles and improve the coordination and balance of the body.

The main exercises are to enhance the mobility of the lower limbs of the human body and improve the flexibility of the hip joints. When exercising, hold the front armrests with both hands to maintain the balance of the body. Step on the lower pedals and swing the legs back and forth regularly. Note: The bottom of the pedals is generally There is a leaking hole. When children are playing nearby, be careful not to put their fingers in it to avoid injury.


Fitness riding machine

This is also common outdoor fitness equipment. When using it, sit on the seat, pull the handle with both hands and step on the pedals with both feet to exercise back and forth. What it provides is a whole body exercise that can improve the coordination of the limbs, waist, abdomen, back, etc., and can also enhance cardiopulmonary function.


Abdominal muscle plate

The abdominal muscle board can also be called a sit-up board. When using it, you first lie on your back on the machine, hook the crossbar with your feet, put your hands behind your head to protect your head, and then force your abdomen to start doing sit-ups. It can enhance the strength and elasticity of the waist and abdomen muscles, can effectively reduce fat on the abdomen, and is beneficial to body shaping and fitness.



Treadmills are also a very important type of outdoor fitness equipment. Practitioners hold the handrails with both hands, and then step on the rollers with their feet to do running exercises. Its function is the same as running. It can exercise the muscles of the legs and feet, strengthen the cardiopulmonary function, and improve blood circulation.

Improve cardiopulmonary function, enhance blood circulation, consume excess energy in the body, and maintain a good mental state.

Use both hands to hold the handrails on both sides, and move your feet slowly.



Tai Chi Push Plate

Tai Chi push plate is also common outdoor fitness equipment, it is composed of a pole and four discs. When exercising, you should stand upright or squat, hold the handle of the turntable with both hands, and slowly turn in the same or opposite direction, just like Tai Chi pushing hands. It is mainly to exercise the mobility of people's shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees and other joints


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