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What is the correct way to maintain a climbing wall?

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Climbing wall is the most popular equipment in the park. To make the most of this popula ,though, you need to maintain the equipment regularly.As an excellent amusement park, you must ensure the safety of visitors so you must ensure that your climbing equipment must be regularly maintained to ensure the safety of climbing equipments.

The article contains following:

1,Check the climbing ropes from time to time

2,Check the paint of the climbing equipment

3,Don’t ignore the climbing board


1,Check the climbing ropes from time to time

This is the single most important type of climbing equipment. Climbing ropes link together the entire safety chain and can save your life if you slip and fall.

If you’re just starting out at an indoor rock climbing centre, you will likely have the rope provided for you. Many climbing centres have their own ropes for liability reasons. However, some centres require you to bring your own rope to do lead climbing.

Once you become more experienced and want to use your own rope, there are several factors you need to consider. Rope type, diameter and length, rope features and safety ratings are all important when it comes to safe and efficient climbing.

Although the rope is safe, it may be in your best interest to retire it, simply for the satisfaction of

your customers. All top ropes should be inspected for sheath slippage. Do not cut the sheath.

Instead, knot it to keep track of stretch. If you can tie 2 overhand knots in the sheath before

getting to the core, then the rope should be retired, but it is safe until that point.

So you need to check the climbing ropes regularly that can make sure the people is ropes is safe.

2,Check the paint of the climbing equipment

Rock climbing wall is divided into outdoor and indoor rock climbing according to different venues. For example, when rock climbing is built outdoors, special attention should be paid to the steel keel that supports the entire rock climbing. Because the steel keel that is not protected from the wind and the sun is easily corroded, it is necessary to check whether the steel keel has peeled paint and whether there is rust. Deal with problems promptly

The corners and welds of all equipment should be treated with anti-corrosion treatment every spring and autumn, and the anti-corrosion treatment should be done before the rainy season in wet and rainy places. All instruments are treated with anti-corrosion every two years. During anti-corrosion treatment, the instruments must be polished with 300-mesh gauze first, and then the primer and topcoat must be brushed twice.


3,Don't ignore the climbing board

There are many types of amusement equipment and complex structure. They are operated in the open air almost every day. They are greatly affected by the environment, climate, sun and rain, and some parts are easily aging and damaged, which affects the personal safety of tourists. The status of the equipment in the operation of large-scale amusement facilities and whether the amusement facilities are routinely maintained or not has a very important relationship with regular inspections, especially for the maintenance of some of its important parts. Regular inspections are required.

The rock climbing point may be loosened after a period of time due to frequent use. It is recommended to check whether the rock point is loose before each climbing and after the activity.

The safety equipment for rock climbing should be overhauled and maintained regularly. If the power rope has short thread ends, it should be replaced in time. D-locks and O-locks should be checked frequently. If problems are found that cannot be overhauled, they should be replaced in time. All safety protection equipment should be replaced with new safety equipment immediately after the service life is reached

The climbing board should be checked regularly to check whether there are cracks on the surface of the climbing board and whether there is any deformation of the board surface. If found, the climbing board should be replaced in time. We also provide Indoor Playground, Mobile Play Center.


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